PDA Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching SCQF level 8

PDA Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching SCQF level 8

The Professional Development Award (PDA) in Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching at SCQF level 8 has been designed to introduce teachers and lecturers to a range of different digital tools, and e-resources to plan, deliver and assess learner, in a learning environment. This award will allow them to explore a diverse range of digital technology and e-tools.

Why deliver this qualification

Practitioners achieving this award will gain valuable knowledge and practical skills in using technology enhanced teaching techniques to engage with learners. Each Unit has been designed to engage and encourage practitioners to utilise digital tools and e-resources to plan, deliver and assess learners.

Who does this qualification suit

This PDA is designed for teachers, lecturers, tutors, trainers and other staff who are involved in teaching, coaching and mentoring learners in schools, FE, community and voluntary learning and private training providers who wish to enhance their practice by making effective use of ICT resources in both formal and informal learning situations.


Whilst entry is at the discretion of the centre it would be beneficial for candidates to have attained one or more of the following:

  • Be working towards or have completed a teaching Qualification, a Professional Development Award for teaching or a professional training qualification or have some knowledge and experience of learning, teaching and assessment.
  • Have competence of ICT at SCQF level 5 or higher eg PC Passport SCQF level 5
  • Have developed Core Skills at SCQF level 5 in Information and Communication Technology and Problem Solving

An introductory, stand-alone Unit, 'F9XV 34 — Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching: An Introduction' prior to undertaking the PDA can also be taken prior to the PDA.


Teachers may be able to achieve appropriate professional recognition (depending upon their own work context) such as Professional Recognition status from General Teaching Council Scotland (GTCS).

College lecturers will have an opportunity to gain valuable continuing professional development in the use of e-learning resources. This will help them develop the knowledge and skills that could lead into SQA's Advanced Diploma Teaching in Further Education or the Teaching Qualification in Further Education (TQFE). External trainers, coaches and mentors undertaking the PDA will gain valuable knowledge and skills which may help develop professional recognition from organisations such as Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) for their Certificate in Training Practice. Also, the Trainer Foundation Accreditation Programme (TAP) for their TAP Certificates and Diplomas in E-Learning.


Our standard qualifications approval process applies. Please contact your Business Development Manager for more information.

How to assess

Each Unit is a notional 40 hours of learning and has been designed as stand-alone Units although there may be opportunities for integration of assessment between Units. The Units may be taught sequentially or in parallel (or a combination of these).

An integrated approach to assessment is recommended within the units which constitute the PDA in Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching. In all units it is recommended that evidence is gathered over an extended period. Support packs for each unit are available to download from the SQA secure site.

As the evidence generated must be from the candidate's actual work with learners in a learning environment, it is highly recommended that candidates have access to groups of learners, in their workplace where evidence to meet the outcomes for each unit can be generated.

Where can you take this course?

Arrangements Documents

This Group Award is being withdrawn and will finish on 31/07/2021.

  • Centres should note that when a Group Award is entered into its lapsing period, the following will apply:
  • the Group Award will be deleted from the relevant catalogue
  • the Group Award Group Award specification will remain until the qualification reaches its finish date at which point it will be removed from SQA website and archived
  • no new centres may be approved to offer the Group Award
  • centres should only enter candidates whom they expect to complete the Group Award during the defined lapsing period of 2 years

Unit(s) and delivery tools

There are five Units within the PDA in Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching at SCQF level 8. To achieve the PDA candidates must complete all three mandatory Units and one of the optional Units, amounting to 32 SCQF credit points.

Unit Title Code SCQF credit points SCQF level SCQ credit value
Mandatory Units - 24 SCQF credit points   1 8 8
Developing e-learning lessions FA53 35 1 8 8
Deliver and monitor learners' progress in an e-learning lesson F9XX 35 1 8 8
Facilitate and assess learning F9Y1 35 1 8 8
Optional Units - 8 SCQF credit points        
Collaborating using online methods F9XW35 1 8 8
Developing online content F9Y035 1 8 8
Total credits to obtain award 4 8 32