HND Music candidate information

HND Music

This qualification will allow you to examine the industry from a number of perspectives. You will have an opportunity to develop your musicianship, and study appropriate business areas as well as technology. In addition, you will undertake and present credible research in areas of practice offering potential future employment.

The HND will develop your ability in music, expression and creativity, to build proficiency in instrumental performance, stagecraft and composition and promote sensitivity in musical presentation.

You will also develop your planning, analysis, synthesis, study and research skills whilst completing the course.

Employment and progression opportunities

There are employment opportunities in various sectors, including: recording studios and sound production companies; record and publishing companies; commercial and corporate enterprises; teaching appointments both private and in schools and colleges; freelance musicians working throughout Scotland.

On completion of the HND you may be able to progress to a degree course. You should ask your centre for more information.


As with all SQA qualifications, entry is at the discretion of the centre. Examples of formal entry qualifications include:

  • A strong interest in music and associated skills, demonstrated at audition.
  • Applicants should demonstrate ability to SCQF 6 (Higher) level in Music and English (or language-based subject such as Economics, History or Modern Studies
  • An appropriate programme of study at National Qualification level in Music, Media Studies or other Music related areas.
  • An existing HNC Group Award.
  • Qualifications comparable to the above gained from other awarding bodies.

Mature candidates may bring other qualities and qualifications, which may be appropriate. Prior or experiential learning may also be considered appropriate in some circumstances.

Formal academic achievements will not, in themselves, be enough for entry. You will normally undergo an appraisal, which will include a formal audition where you should demonstrate musical ability to SQA ‘Higher’ level.