SVQ Healthcare Support (Clinical) level 2

Unit downloads

Core Units

FN7D 04 (90 KB) GEN 97 Communicate effectively in a healthcare environment
F470 04 (122 KB) HSS1 Make sure your own actions reduce risks to health and safety
DP7D 04 (125 KB) CfA201 Carry out your responsibilities at work

Group A

FN9T 04 (126 KB) BDS3 Prepare donors, materials and equipment for blood or blood component
donation and monitor donors during the donation process
FP1M 04 (114 KB) BDS4 Conclude the collection of blood or blood component donations
FN9W 04 (110 KB) BDS6 Contribute to the promotion and effective functioning of blood and blood componenet sessions and services
FN9X 04 (117 KB) BDS1 Undertake pre donation assessment at blood/blood component donation
DK9X 04 (115 KB) CHS131 Obtain and test capillary blood samples
FN9Y 04 (117 KB) BDS5 Manage the refreshment area at donation sessions
FP00 04 (93 KB) BDS7 Register donors at donation sessions
FP01 04 (88 KB) BDS8 Organise information and enter donation outcomes
FP02 04 (100 KB) BDS9 Prepare the documentation, donations and samples for transport
FP04 04 (108 KB) BDS10 Welcome donors at donation sessions and provide information
DP0F 04 (126 KB) CHS36 Provide Basic Life Support
FP05 04 (97 KB) GEN2  Prepare and dress for work in healthcare settings 
FP96 04 (86 KB) GEN4  Prepare individuals for healthcare activities 
FP07 04 (97 KB) GEN5  Support individuals undergoing healthcare activities 
FN85 04 (118 KB) GEN6  Manage environments and resources for use during healthcare activities 
DP04 04 (130 KB) GEN7  Monitor and manage the environment and resources during and after clinical/therapeutic activities 
DK9Y 04 (106 KB)  CHS7  Obtain and test specimens from individuals 
DK51 04 (114 KB)  HSC242  Receive and pass on messages and information 
FP97 04 (96 KB) GEN8  Assist the practitioner to implement healthcare activities 
DK53 04 (106 KB)  CHS1  Receive and store medication and products 
DL4A 04 (111 KB) CHS2  Assist in the administration of medication 
DK94 04 (102 KB) CHS5  Undertake agreed pressur area care 
DK9V 04 (113 KB) CHS6  Move and position individuals 
DK8L 04 (121 KB) HSC226  Support individuals who are distressed 
DK5K 04 (92 KB)  HSC239  Contribute to the care of a deceased person 
FN7F 04 (108 KB) GEN25  Administer appointments 
DK9G 04 (104 KB) HSC246  Maintain a safe and clean environment 
FP09 04 (106 KB) GEN80  Move and transport individuals within a healthcare environment 
FP0A 04 (88 KB) GEN57  Collect blood/blood products from storage for transfusion 
FP0C 04 (104 KB)  IPC4  Clean and store care equipment to minimise the risks of spreading infection 
FP0D 04 (90 KB)  IPC9  Minimise the risks of spreading infection when removing used linen 
FP0E 04 (87 KB) GEN81  Collect linen and make beds 

Group B

DK5R 04 (104 KB) HSC241  Contribute to the effectiveness of teams 
F049 04 (106 KB) A4  Give Customers a positive impression of yourself and your organisation 
DK4L 04 (147 KB) HSC232  Protect yourself from the risk of violence at work 
DR4F 04 (134 KB) M&L D2  Develop productive working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders