SVQ Healthcare Support (Non-clinical) level 2

Unit downloads

Core Units

FN7D 04 (90 KB) GEN97  Communicate effectively in a healthcare environment 
F470 04 (122 KB)  HSS1  Make sure your own actions reduce risks to health and safety 
DP7D 04 (125 KB) CfA201  Carry out your responsibilities at work 

Group A

FN7F 04 (108 KB) GEN25  Administer appointments 
FD96 04 (96 KB) CfA BA311  Meet and welcome visitors 
F93X 04 (70 KB) CfA BAC312  Provide reception services 
F93Y 04 (88 KB) CfA BAD332  Store and retrieve information 
FD9R 04 (100 KB) CfA BAD 411  Support the organisation of meetings 
F93V 04 (87 KB)  CfA BAA231  Use office equipment 
F93T 04 (88 KB) CfA BAA211  Produce documents in a business environment 
B52Y 04 (104 KB) LLUK RM/4  Provide authorised access to records 
DG38 04 (92 KB) LLUK RM/1  Protect records 
DG3E 04 (90 KB) LLUK RM/2  Maintain the arrangements of records 
DG3F 04 (91 KB) LLUK RM/6  Administer the current records system 
DK9T 04 (151 KB) HSC243  Monitor, handle and maintain materials and equipment 
DK9G 04 (104 KB)  HSC246  Maintain a safe and clean environment 
F97X 04 (102 KB) 2GEN9/10  Maintain and deal with payments 
FN7E 04 (99 KB) GEN87  Provide a table/tray service within a healthcare environment 
F97P 04 (103 KB) 1 GEN5/10  Clean and store crockery and cutlery 
F9DD 04 (108 KB)  1FS4/09  Provide a counter/take-away service 
F987 04 (116 KB)  2BS7/10  Prepare and serve dispensed and instant hot drinks 
FR29 04 (94 KB)  GEN83  Deliver a trolley service in a healthcare environment 
F97W 04 (162 KB) 2GEN4/10  Maintain food safety when storing, holding and serving food 
F98V 04 (116 KB) 2HK3/10  Maintain housekeeping supplies 
FN7G 04 (105 KB) IPC1  Minimise the risks of spreading infection by cleaning and maintaining environments in health and social care setings 
F4PW 04 (127 KB) C213  Clean, maintain and protect hard floors 
F4PX 04 (109 KB) C214  Clean and maintain soft floors and furnishings 
F4PL 04 (120 KB)  C205 Clean and maintain interal surfaces and areas 
FM0V 04 (97 KB) C111  Clean a variety of surfaces using correct methods 
FP0C_04 (104 KB) IPC4 Clean and store equipment to minimise the risks of spreading infection 
FP0E_04 (87 KB) GEN81  Collect linen and make beds 
F0JL 04 (96 KB) LDC3  Classify items and make up loads for cleaning 
FN7L 04 (101 KB) LDC4  Carry out the washing process 
FN7M 04 (104 KB) LDC8  Press and finish garments following laundry 
FN7N 04 (103 KB) LDC16  Repair, alter and maintain fabrics and materials 
FN7P 04 (101 KB) IPC8  Minimise the risk of infection when transporting and storing healthcare waste 
FPOD 04 (90 KB) IPC9  Minimise the risks of spreading infection when removing used linen 
FN7T 04 (91 KB) IPC10  Minimise the risks of spreading infection when transporting linen 
FN7V 04 (90 KB) IPC12  Minimise the risks of spreading infection when storing and using clean linen 
FN7W 04 (91 KB)  SFL25  Receive goods 
FN7X 04 (92 KB) SFL29  Process orders for customers 
FN7Y 04 (93 KB) SFL30  Assemble orders for dispatch 
FN80 04 (92 KB) SFL34  Check Stock Levels and stock records 
FN81 04 (99 KB) CU8  Tranport supplies of physical resources within the work area 
FN82 04 (94 KB) CU15  Assist with the maintenance of grass surfaces 
FN83 04 (92 KB) CU16  Assist with maintaining structures and surfaces 
FN85 04 (118 KB) GEN6  Manage environments and resources for use during healthcare activities 
FP05_04 (97 KB) GEN2  Preapre and dress for work in healthcare settings 
F4PV 04 (148 KB) C212  Deep clean equipment and surfaces 
FM0W 04 (110 KB)  C208  Clean washrooms and replenish supplies 
F4PY 04 (109 KB) C215  Clean glazed surfaces and facades 
FN87 04 (94 KB) GEN9  Prepare vehicles for the transport of people, materials and/or equipment withint the health sector 
FN88 04 (126 KB) GEN10 Collect, transport and set down passengers and/or materials and equipment within the health sector 
FN89 04 (91 KB) GEN11  Assess and respond to accidents, breakdowns and incidents during the transportation of people, materials and/or equipment to meet health needs 
FN8A 04 (154 KB) RVPD2  Drive community transport, chauffeured, taxi or private hire vehicles safely and efficiently 
F0WP 04 (106 KB) PCV5  Help passengers who have special needs 
FP09_04(106 KB) GEN80  Move and transport individuals within a healthcare environment 
FT32 04 (115 KB) RPVD 11  Transport passengers in the community transport industry who have special requirements 
FN8D 04 (88 KB) SfL MS7  Collect mail 
FN8E 04 (93 KB) MS11  Sort mail 
FN8J 04 (97 KB) SfL MS12  Deliver mail 
FP0A_04(88 KB) GEN57  Collect blood/blood products from storage for transfusion 
FN8G 04 (90 KB) GEN76  Store and transport medical gas cylinders 
FN8H 04 (87 KB) GEN82  Check, connect and disconnect medical gas cylinders and outlets 
DK51 04 (114 KB) HSC242  Receive and pass on messages and information 

Group B

DK5R 04 (104 KB) HSC241  Contribute to the effectiveness of teams
F049 04 (106 KB) A4  Give customers a positive impression of yourself and your organisation 
DK4L 04 (147 KB) HSC232  Protect yourself from the risk of violence at work 
DP0F 04 (126 KB) CHS36  Provide basic life support 
DR4F 04 (134 KB) M&L D2  Develop productive working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders