SVQ Healthcare Support (Clinical) level 3 Units

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Mandatory Units

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FN94 04 (103 KB) GEN 98 Promote effective communication in a healthcare environment
FN95 04 (109 KB) GEN 96 Maintain health and safety and security practices within a health setting
DK57 04 (124 KB) HSC33 Reflect on and develop your practice

Group A


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FP0F 04 (116 KB) END2 Provide information on endoscopic procedures to individuals
FP0G 04 (115 KB) END7 Prepare individuals for endoscopy procedures
FP0H 04 (116 KB) END8 Position individuals during endoscopic procedures
FP0J 04 (110 KB) END9 Assist colleagues during endoscopic procedures
FP0K 04 (117 KB) END20 Provide care for individuals recovering after endoscopic procedures
FP0L 04 (102 KB) END21 Reprocess endoscopy equipment


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FP7T 04 (101 KB) PCS13 Prepare and dress for scrubbed clinical roles
FP7V 04 (106 KB) PCS2 Contribute to the safe use of medical devices in the perioperative environment
FP7W 04 (127 KB) PCS23 Assist in the transfer and positioning of patients within the perioperative environment
DN9Y 04 (117 KB) PCS5 Assist in the support and monitoring of patients within the perioperative care environment
FP7X 04 (102 KB) PCS6 Measure and record patients' body fluid
FP7Y 04 (128 KB) PCS7 Assist the registered practitioner in the delivery of perioperative care
FP80 04 (115 KB) PCS24 Perform the non-scrubbed circulating role for perioperative procedures
FP81 04 (102 KB) PCS10 Carry out delegated activities in receiving, handling and dispatching clinical specimens
FP82 04 (120 KB) PCS25 Carry out delegated activities int he anaesthetic environment/Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU)

Perioperative CPD

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DP0D 04 (115 KB) PCS14 Perpare surgical instrumentation and supplementary items for the surgical team
DN9V 04 (109 KB) PCS15 Assist in the preparation of patients for operative and clinically invasive procedures
FP83 04 (130 KB) PCS16 Provide surgical instrumentation and items for the surgical team and maintain the sterile field
DP0H 04 (106 KB) PCS17 Receive and handle clinical specimens within the sterile field
DP0E 04 (113 KB) PCS18 Prepare, apply and attach dressings, wound supports and drains to patients
FP84 04 (97 KB) PCS19 Prepare equipment for intra-operative blood salvage collection
FP85 04 (113 KB) PCS20 Operate equipment for intra-operative blood salvage and collection
FP86 04 (106 KB) PCS21 Prepare equipment for processing intra-operative blood salvage collection
FP87 04 (111 KB) PCS22 Operate and monitor equipment for processing intra-operative salvaged blood and complete salvaged blood processing

Allied Health

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FP0M 04 (113 KB) CHS136 Assist in the implementation of programmes and treatments with individuals who have severely restricted movement/mobility
FP0N 04 (119 KB) CHS138 Assist in the implementation of mobility and movement programmes for individuals to restore optimum movement and functional independence
F05W 04 (123 KB) CHS139 Implement hydrotherapy programmes for individuals and groups
FP0P 04 (117 KB) CHS223 Fit healthcare equipment, medical devices, assistive technology, or products meet individuals' clinical needs
FP0R 04 (114 KB) CME3 Enable individuals to use assistive devices and assistive technology
F04P 04 (115 KB) CHS143 Assist others to test individuals' abilities before planning exercise and physical activities
FP0T 04 (108 KB) CHS 144 Deliver exercise sessions to improve individuals' health and wellbeing
FP0V 04 (110 KB) GEN75 Collaborate in the assessment of the need for, and the provision of, environmental and social support in the community
DK8G 04 (134 KB) HSC344 Support individuals to retain, regain and develop the skills to manage their lives and environment
DK37 04 (129 KB) HSC351 Plan, agree and implement development activities to meet individual needs
DK87 04 (158 KB) HSC345 Support individuals to manage their financial affairs
F05H 04 (121 KB) MH33 Enable individuals with mental health needs to access housing and accommodation
F05C 04 (112 KB) MH34 Enable housing and accommodation services to support individuals with mental health needs
F075 04 (115 KB) CHS145 Provide support to individuals to manage their body weight
FP0W 04 (114 KB) CHS146 Monitor individuals' progress in relation to managing their body weight and nutrition
FP0X 04 (121 KB) CHS147 Administer oral nutritional products to individuals
F072 04 (119 KB) CHS148 Provide information and advice to individuals on eating to maintain optimum nutritional status
F066 04 (121 KB) CHS149 Monitor and review individual's progress in realtion to maintaining optimum nutritional status
FP0Y 04 (103 KB) CHS154 Develop and prepare speech and language therapy resources for use by individuals who use alternative and augmentative communication (AAC)
FP10 04 (106 KB) CHS155 Assist and support individuals to use alternative and augmentative communication systems (AAC)
FP11 04 (104 KB) CHS156 Develop activities and materials to enable individuals to achieve specified communication goals
FL8W 04 (114 KB) CHS157 Provide support to individuals to develop their communication skills
F05F 04 (104 KB) CHS158 Enable individuals from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds to access Speech and Language Therapy services
F054 04 (72 KB) GEN84 Contribute to the planning and evaluation of learning activities
FP12 04 (112 KB) GEN85 Support individuals with communication and interaction difficulties
FP13 04 (116 KB) GEN86 Support individuals with cognition and learning difficulties
DK41 04 (73 KB)(160 KB) HSC35 Promote choice, wellbeing and the protection of all individuals


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F051 04 (129 KB) CHS26 Carry out, and conclude, dialysis therapy for individuals with established access
FP14 04 (117 KB) CHS27 Encourage and support individuals undergoing dialysis therapy
F079 04 (110 KB) CHS28 Support and enable individuals undergoing dialysis and their carers to obtain and maintain dialysis equipment and materials
FP15 04 (112 KB) CHS29 Support and enable individuals undergoing dialysis and their carers to carry out dialysis procedures
F068 04 (126 KB) CHS30 Obtain and maintain vascular access for, and cease access following, haemodialysis
F042 04 (110 KB) CHS31 Assess and agree the efficacy of the dialysis therapy
F048 04 (105 KB) CHS32 Agree and implement changes to the dialysis therapy


Download Code Title
FP16 04 (94 KB) CHS184 Maintain Chain of Custody (Specimens and Samples)
FP18 04 (101 KB) CHS185 Perform basic specimen/sample preparation
FP19 04 (95 KB) CHS186 Store specimens and samples
FP1A 04 (95 KB) CHS187 Dispose safely of biomedical specimens and samples
FP1C 04 (95 KB) CHS188 Prepare culture media and solutions
FP1E 04 (95 KB) CHS189 Perform Quality Control of culture media and solutions
FP1F 04 (96 KB) CHS190 Investigate at a microscopic level
FP1G 04 (95 KB) CHS191 Stain specimens and samples
FP7J 04 (99 KB) CHS192 Perform standard tests using an automated analyzer
FP7K 04 (106 KB) CHS193 Perform standard tests using manual methodologies or commercial kits
FP7L 04 (104 KB) GEN24 Despatch biomedical samples


Download Code Title
FP7M 04 (122 KB) CHS18 Undertake a newborn hearing screen
DK3E 04 (154 KB) HSC37 Care for and protect babies
DK59 04 (146 KB) HSC388 Relate to families, parents and carers
DK5H 04 (116 KB) HSC3103 Contribute to raising awareness of health issues
F059 04 (130 KB) CS19 Develop relationships with children and young people
FP7N 04 (136 KB) CS20 Enable children and young people to understand their health and wellbeing
DK5J 04 (202 KB) HSC36 Contribute to the assessment of children and young peoples' needs and the development of care plans
DK3D 04 (163 KB) HSC314 Care for a newly born baby when the mother is unable to do so
DK8X 04 (236 KB) HSC316 Support the needs of children and young people with additional requirements
DK8T 04 (184 KB) HSC320 Support professional advice to help parents to interact with and take care of their newly born baby(ies)
DK6C 04 (171 KB) HSC321 Support and encourage parents and guardians to care for babies during the first year of their lives
FP7P 04 (126 KB) MCN12 Develop and agree individualised care plans for babies and families
FP7R 04 (128 KB) MCN24 Provide advice and information to enable parents to promote the health and well being of their newborn babies

Blood Donor

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DL00 04 (120 KB) CHS132 Obtain venous blood samples
FP88 04 (110 KB) BDS12 Test venous blood samples at blood donation sessions
FP89 04 (121 KB) BDS13 Determine the individual's requirements and obtain information related to potential donation of blood or blood components
FP8A 04 (118 KB) BDS14 Assess individuals' fitness and suitability to donate blood or blood components
FP8Y 04 (118 KB) BDS15 Communicate the assesment decision regarding an individual's fitness and suitability to donate blood or blood components
FP8C 04 (114 KB) BDS16 Insert intravenous needles for the collection of blood at blood donation sessions

General Clinical

Download Code Title
FP8D 04 (107 KB) CHS8 Insert and secure urethral catheters and monitor and respond to the effects of urethral catheterisation
FP8E 04 (121 KB) CHS9 Undertake care for individuals with urinary catheters
DL4A 04 (111 KB) CHS2 Assist in the administration of medication (excluded combination with CHS3)
DK2X 04 (120 KB) CHS3 Administer medication to individuals (excluded combination with CHS2)
FP8F 04 (120 KB) CHS4 Undertake tissue viability risk assessment for individuals
FP8G 04 (121 KB) CHS10 Undertake stoma care
FP8H 04 (109 KB) CHS11 Undertake personal hygiene for individuals unable to care for themselves
F07L 04 (121 KB) CHS12 Undertake treatments and dressings related to the care of lesions and wounds
FP8J 04 (113 KB) CHS13 Undertake wound drainage care
FP8K 04 (114 KB) CHS14 Remove wound closure materials from individuals
FP8L 04 (118 KB) CHS15 Insert and secure nasogastric tubes
FP8M 04 (118 KB) CHS16 Undertake care for individuals with nasogastric tubes
DK3M 04 (119 KB) CHS17 Carry out extended feeding techniques to ensure individual's nutritional and fluid intake
FP8N 04 (97 KB) CHS19 Undertake routine clinical measurements
FP8P 04 (115 KB) CHS20 Undertake examination of the external ear
FP8R 04 (119 KB) CHS21 Undertake assessment of an individual's hearing
FP8T 04 (122 KB) CHS22 Perform intravenous cannulation
FP8V 04 (108 KB) CHS23 Carry out intravenous infusion
FP8W 04 (108 KB) CHS24 Carry out arterial puncture and collect arterial blood
FP8X 04 (111 KB) CHS25 Carry out blood collection from fixed or central lines
F069 04 (109 KB) EUSC02 Obtain supporting information to inform the assessment of an individual
FP90 04 (112 KB) CHS130 Perform routine Electrocardiograph (ECG) procedure
DK9X 04 (115 KB) CHS131 Obtain and test capillary blood samples
FP91 04 (114 KB) CHS133 Remove wound drains
FP92 04 (107 KB) CHS134 Undertake Vision Screening
FP93 04 (79 KB) CHS150 Maintain the feet of clients who have been assessed as requiring help with general foot care
F073 04 (114 KB) CHS159 Provide support to individuals to develop their skills in managing dysphagia
F04J 04 (115 KB) CHS160 Assist others to monitor individuals' attempts at managing dysphagia
FP95 04 (99 KB) CHS168 Obtain a patient/client history
DP0F 04 (126 KB) CHS36 Provide basic life support
FP96 04 (86 KB) GEN4 Prepare individuals for healthcare activities
FP07 04 (97 KB) GEN5 Support individuals undergoing healthcare activities
DP04 04 (130 KB) GEN7 Monitor and manage the environment and resources during and after clinical/therapeutic activities
FP97 04 (96 KB) GEN8 Assist the practitioner to implement healthcare activities
F06X 04 (105 KB) GEN14 Provide advice and information to individuals on how to manage their own condition
F061 04 (94 KB) GEN16 Inform an individual of discharge arrangements
F053 04 (97 KB) GEN17 Contribute to the discharge of an individual into the care of another service
F05N 04 (93 KB) GEN18 Give presentations to groups
F046 04 (93 KB) GEN19 Assist others to plan presentations to enable learning
F05A 04 (109 KB) GEN20 Enable carers to support individuals
DK89 04 (109 KB) GEN21 Interact with individuals using telecommunications
FN96 04 (97 KB) GEN23 Monitor your own work practices
FN97 04 (97 KB) GEN26 Deal with financial transactions wtihin a health facility
FN98 04 (92 KB) GEN39 Contribute to effective multidisciplinary team working
FN99 04 (96 KB) GEN44 Liaise between primary, secondary and community teams
FN9A 04 (98 KB) GEN62 Collate and communicate health information to individuals
FN9E 04 (87 KB) GEN66 Control the use of physical resources
FP9R 04 (124 KB) CHS205 Manufacture of equipment and/or medical devices for individuals within healthcare
FP9T 04 (104 KB) CHS206 Adapt healthcare equipment, medical devices, assistive technology, or products
FP9V 04 (103 KB) CHS55 Facilitate the individual's management of their condition and treatment plan
FP9W 04 (100 KB) GEN27 Develop, sustain and evaluate collaborative working with other organisations
FP9X 04 (102 KB) GEN73 Prepare and reproduce permanent radiographic images
FP9Y 04 (97 KB) GEN74 Assure the effective functioning of radiographic image processing equipment
FN9F 04 (90 KB) GEN77 Perform first line calibration on clinical eqipment to ensure it is fit for use
FN9G 04 (98 KB) GEN78 Conduct routine maintenance on clinical equipment
FN9H 04 (95 KB) GEN79 Co-ordinate the progress of individuals through care pathways
F05L 04 (105 KB) HAS3.1 Examine the feet of an individual with diabetes and assess risk status
F06Y 04 (101 KB) HAS3.2 Provide advice and referral to help individuals with diabetes care for their feet
DK7J 04 (158 KB) HSC330 Support individuals to access and use services and facilities
DK82 04 (170 KB) HSC343 Support individuals to live at home
DK8G 04 (134 KB) HSC344 Support individuals to retain, regain and develop the skills to manage their lives and environment
DK7R 04 (71 KB) HSC352 Support individuals to continue therapies
DK8C 04 (167 KB) HSC382 Support individuals to prepare for, adapt to and manage change
DK76 04 (162 KB) HSC384 Support individuals through bereavement
DK7C 04 (157 KB) HSC385 Support individuals through the end of life process
DK96 04 (184 KB) HSC387 Work in collaboration with carers in the caring role
DK3P 04 (167 KB) HSC393 Prepare, implement and evaluate agreed therapeutic group activities
DK5M 04 (169 KB) HSC394 Contribute to the development and running of support groups
DK66 04 (148 KB) HSC399 Develop and sustain effecitve working relationships with staff in other agencies
DK30 44 (174 KB) HSC3100 Participate in inter-disciplinary team working to support individuals
DK6N 04 (165 KB) HSC3110 Support colleagues to relate to individuals
DK7A 04 (170 KB) HSC3101 Help develop community networks and partnerships
DK9C 04 (164 KB) HSC3102 Work with community networks and partnerships
DK52 04 (117 KB) HSC3115 Receive, analyse, process, use and store information
DK3Y 04 (110 KB) HSC3117 Conduct an assessment of risks in the workplace
DK4G 04 (115 KB) HSC3119 Promote the values and principles underpinning best practice

Group B

Download Code Title
FR04 04 (99 KB) C5 Monitor and solve customer service problems
FR05 04 (103 KB) PM18 Enable learning through demonstrations and instruction
FD3X 04 (109 KB) LD Standard 7 Facilitate individual learning and development
FD41 04 (99 KB) LD Standard 9 Assess workplace competence using direct and indirect methods
FR06 04 (141 KB) M&L D6 Allocate and monitor the progress and quality of work in your area of responsibility
FR07 04 (119 KB) ML D8 Help team members address problems affecting their performance
F2H4 04 (91 KB) ML E10 Take effective decisions Skills for Security
F54F 04 (125 KB) SLP12 Deal with disorderly and aggresive behaviour