SVQ Healthcare Support (Non-clinical) level 3

Unit downloads

Mandatory Units

Download Code Title
FN94 04 (103 KB) GEN98 Promote effective communication in a healthcare environment
FN95 04 (109 KB) GEN96 Maintain health and safety and security practices within a health setting
DK57 04 (124 KB) HSC33 Reflect on and develop your practice

Group A

Download Code Title
F04M 04 (91 KB) C5 Monitor and solve customer service problems
F7EK 04 (87 KB) CfA D111 Plan and manage own workload
FE0V 04 (102 KB) BAA412 Plan and organise meetings
F2GX 04 (114 KB) ML D8 Help team members address problems affecting their performance
F2H4 04 (91 KB) ML E10 Take effective decisions
DP6H 04 (94 KB) M&L D6 Allocate and monitor the progress and quality of work in your area of responsibility
F05N 04 (93 KB) GEN18 Give presentations to groups
F04L 04 (85 KB) GEN19 Assist others to plan presentations to enable learning
DK89 04 (109 KB) GEN21 Interact with individuals using telecommunications
FN96 04 (97 KB) GEN23 Monitor your own work practice
FN97 04 (97 KB) GEN26 Deal with financial transactions within a health facility
FN98 04 (92 KB) GEN39 Contribute to effective multidisciplinary team working
FN99 04 (96 KB) GEN44 Liaise between primary, secondary and community teams
FN9A 04 (98 KB) GEN62 Collate and communicate health information to individuals
FN9D 04 (101 KB) GEN65 Make recommendations for the use of physical resources
FN9E 04 (87 KB) GEN66 Control the use of physical resources
FN9F 04 (90 KB) GEN77 Perform first line calibration on clinical equipment to ensure it is fit for use
FN9G 04 (98 KB) GEN78 Conduct routine maintenance on clinical equipment
FN9H 04 (95 KB) GEN79 Co-ordinate the progress of individuals through care pathways
FN9K 04 (97 KB) IPC13 Provide guidance, resources and support to enable staff to minimise the risks of spreading infection
FN9L 04 (90 KB) H19 Monitor, evaluate and improve the management of data and information in a health context
FN9N 04 (106 KB) H16 Identify and specify data and information requirements in a health context
FN9P 04 (108 KB) H18 Analyse data and information and present outputs in a health context
FN9R 04 (107 KB) HI11 Produce coded clinical data
DK9L 04 (127 KB) HSC244 Manage and organise time and activities to support individuals in the community
DK7J 04 (158 KB) HSC330 Support individuals to access and use services and facilities
DK96 04 (184 KB) HSC387 Work in collaboration with carers in the caring role
DK5M 04 (169 KB) HSC394 Contribute to the development and running of support groups
DK30 04 (174 KB) HSC3100 Participate in inter-disciplinary team working to support individuals
DK7A 04 (170 KB) HSC3101 Help and develop community networks and partnerships
DK9C 04 (164 KB) HSC3102 Work with community networks and partnerships
DK52 04 (117 KB) HSC3115 Receive, analyse, process, use and store information
DK3Y 04 (110 KB) HSC3117 Conduct an Assessment of Risks in the Workplace
DK4G 04 (115 KB) HSC3119 Promote the values and principles underpinning best practice
DK4F 04 (132 KB) HSC3121 Contribute to promoting the effectiveness of teams
DK66 04 (148 KB) HSC399 Develop and sustain effective working relationships with staff in other agencies
DK6N 04 (165 KB) HSC3110 Support colleagues to relate to individuals
D9RJ 04 (96 KB) PM18 Enable learning through demonstrations and instruction
FD3X 04 (109 KB) LD Standard 7 Facilitate individual learning and development
FD41 04 (99 KB) LD Standard 9 Assess workplace competence using direct and indirect methods
F54F 04 (125 KB) SLP12 Skills for Security Deal with disorderly and aggressive behaviour
DP0F 04 (126 KB) CHS36 Provide basic life support