Group Projects

You may wish to undertake the Interdisciplinary Project as part of a group.  Each member of your group must clearly define his/her role and responsibilities and must demonstrate an appropriate level of participation in all five stages of the project.

You must complete all five pieces of mandatory evidence individually, with reference to your own work on the project and your individual skills development. However, when working as part of a group it is expected that you would make reference to collaborative work you have undertaken, emphasising your role in the project.

Case Study

In 2010-11 St Columba’s School, Kilmacolm, had eight pupils completed the Interdisciplinary Project as a group project. To find out more about this and for more general  guidance on group projects read the case study below.

Assessment Exemplars

The exemplars below are based on a real group project. Each candidate’s work is focuses on their own work and their own skills within the context of a group project.




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