You can read our track record here. We have delivered a huge range of services, right across the world. Our achievements cover education policy development and implementation; reform of TVET and general education systems to support educational change and national development; establishment of awarding bodies, and more …


Country What we achieved
Botswana Audit and external verification services to support quality assurance of the Botswana Technical Education Programmes; Project to increase the effectiveness and capacity of the technical and vocational education and training system; Services to support and accredit Botswana technical education programmes.
Egypt The National Skills Standards Project; assistance with reform of the TVET System.
Ghana Support for the establishment of Ghana Industrial skills Development Centre
Malawi Development of an assessment and certification system
Mozambique Development of a Technical and Vocational Qualifications and Training System
Namibia Review of standards and curriculums for technical trades
South Africa Benchmarking of South African Qualifications against Scottish Equivalents


Country What we achieved
China Negotiated arrangements for Chinese students with SQA qualifications to progress to UK universities; Higher National Qualifications and vocational qualifications offered to thousands of Chinese students at colleges throughout the country; review standards and curriculums for technical trades.


Country What we achieved
Antigua and Barbuda Strengthening Technical and Vocational Education Project (STAVEP)
Barbados Consultancy to establish an awarding body with the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Council 
Caribbean Islands Project Design and Appraisal - Barbados, Jamaica, Dominica, Belize, Guyana, St Lucia
Jamaica Syllabus development; accreditation of qualifications
Trinidad and Tobago Bespoke Training Programme for Members of the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) Staff in Credit Rating; Management Information Systems for the Trinidad and Tobago National Vocational Qualifications

Central and South America

Country What we achieved
Colombia Development of a competence-based modular system
Mexico Reform of vocational education system

Central and SE Europe, Russia and Turkey

Country What we achieved
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Evaluation of the Integrated Vocational Education and Training Reform
Kyrgyzstan Establishment of a Training Fund to support the Training and Retraining of Unemployed and Disadvantaged Groups
Latvia World Bank Education Improvement Project
Lithuania Lithuania Twinning Light; final evaluation of Phase II of the VET reform programme; assistance with development of a National Qualifications Framework, a Qualifications Register, and a Quality Assurance Strategy for the Lithuanian Labour Market Training Authority
Romania Technical Assistance for Institution Building in the TVET Sector; Institution Building for the Reform of Initial and Continuing Vocational Training Technical and Vocational Education and Training
Russian Federation Vocational Education and Training Project, Nizhny Novgorod
Turkey Services to Support and Endorse the Development of Izmir COC