How We Operate

Art Marker.SQA develops, assesses and awards qualifications taken in workplaces, colleges and schools. We provide qualifications across Scotland, the UK and internationally.

Separately, as SQA Accreditation, we authorise all vocational qualifications (other than degrees) delivered in Scotland.

A Chair and Board are appointed by the Scottish Government to oversee and direct SQA. There is also an Advisory Council appointed by the Scottish Government to provide independent advice to Ministers and SQA.

A permanent staff, headed by the Chief Executive, manages and carries out the development and delivery of new and existing qualifications. Additional members of staff are appointed as required on a short-term contract or secondment basis to undertake duties relating to particular projects.

Our Management Team is responsible to the Chair and the Board for our day-to-day operations.

Our Management Statement and Financial Memorandum, drawn up by the Scottish Government Education Department in consultation with SQA, sets out the broad framework within which we operate. This includes:

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