Enterprise and Employability

SPA Framework G7NL 10

In December 2004, SQA launched three new awards in Enterprise and Employability.  These awards were designed in response to the Scottish Government's drive towards 'Enterprise in Education', the CBI Scotland's template for employability and the positive results for a consultation undertaken with schools, colleges and training providers throughout Scotland.  These awards are as a result of SQA collaboration and partnership with SFEU, Equal Scotland, SWELL and Careers Scotland.  Each of these awards consists of 6 credits with 240 notional hours.

Intermediate 1 Unit Name Credit Value
D36N 10 Enterprise Activity 1.0
E94L 09 Life and Work 1.0
D6YC 10 Establishing your Business 0.25
D0EX 08 Vocational Awareness and Development Using Work Related Skills 1.0
D89J 10 Your Business and E-Commerce 0.25
DK2R 10 Customer Service Skills for the Entrepreneur 0.5
DK2W 10 Financial Skills for a Small Business: An Introduction 1.0

DM3P 10

Administrative Support

Administrative Services



This course is aimed at those individuals who want to improve their 'soft' enterprising skills such as self reliance, respect for others and employability.  As well as contributing to the PSE curriculum, the award also equips the candidate with 'hard' entrepreneurial skills such as Customer Care, Administration Skills and Bookkeeping.  Within the Arrangement document for this award is a matrix which shows the mapping of 'Determined to Succeed' key elements to outcomes within the Units of the award.

Learning and teaching materials which support part of this award are provided by Careers Scotland's programme 'Get into ENTERPRISE'.