Enterprise and Employability

SPA Framework G7NM 11

In December 2004, SQA launched three new awards in Enterprise and Employability. These awards were designed in response to the Scottish Government's drive towards 'Enterprise in Education', the CBI Scotland's template for employability and the positive results for a consultation undertaken with schools, colleges and training providers throughout Scotland. These awards are as a result of SQA collaboration and partnership with SFEU, Equal Scotland, SWELL and Careers Scotland. Each of these awards consists of 6 credits with 240 notional hours.

Intermediate 2 Unit Name Credit Value
D36N 11 Enterprise Activity 1
DK2R 11 Customer Service Skills for the Entrepreneur 1
DK2V 11 Financial Skills for a Small Business 1
D0XV 12 Marketing Mix 1
DK2P 11 Starting in Business 1
DROF 11 Administrative Support 1



This award has had the same influences as SPA Intermediate 1 in its design. As well as promoting enterprising skills, it develops the entrepreneurial skills further by introducing Marketing and Business Plan Writing. SQA has worked closely with Careers Scotland in their development of 'Get into BUSINESS'.

The unit, Starting in Business is completely supported by 'Get into BUSINESS'.The materials in this programme largely support the content of this award.SQA has produced an exemplar assessment for this Unit will be available to centres, details of which shall be published on our website. Successful completion of this Unit provides the candidate with a comprehensive business plan of their own, enabling them to apply for the Business Gateway Youth Business Start-up Grant of £1000 for 18-30 year olds.

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