SVQ Youth Justice 3 at SCQF level 7

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DK38 04 (HSC386) Assist in the Transfer of Individuals Between Agencies and Services DK38 04 (HSC386)
DK3J 04 (GE13) Carry Out Assessment to Identify and Prioritise Needs Associated with Substance Misuse DK3J 04 (GE13) (140 KB)
DK3N 04 (GE5) Carry Out Screening and Referral Assessment DK3N 04 (GE5) (100 KB)
DK7D 04 (GE12) Help Individuals Address their Substance use through an Action Plan DK7D 04 (GE12) (126 KB)
DP6W 04 (HD7) Provide Learning Opportunities for Colleagues DP6W 04 (HD7) (110 KB)
DR3W 04 (HD5) Allocate and Check Work in Your Team DR3W 04 (HD5) (106 KB)
DR4A 04 (HD1) Develop Productive Working Relationships with Colleagues DR4A 04 (HD1) (92 KB)
DR5F 04 (HE1) Manage a Budget DR5F 04 (HE1) (96 KB)
DR5J 04 (HF1) Manage a Project DR5J 04 (HF1) (116 KB)
DR67 04 (HA2) Manage your own Resources and Professional Development DR67 04 (HA2) (119 KB)
F2SP 04 (AG1) Maintain Personal Security and Safety, and be Alert to the Security of Others F2SP 04 (AG1) (101 KB)
F297 04 (AA1) Promote Equality and Value Diversity F297 04 (AA1) (95 KB)
F299 04 (AF1) Ensure your own Actions Reduce Risks to Health and Safety F299 04 (AF1) (126 KB)
F79A 04 (GA7) Communicate and Engage with Children, Young People, and their Families and Carers F79A 04 (GA7) (132 KB)
F9PP 04 (BB3) Identify Individuals at Risk of Committing Anti-social Behaviour or Offending F9PP 04 (BB3) (82 KB)
F9PT 04 (EA5) Obtain and Verify Information from Third Parties towards Assessing an Individual's Problematic Behaviour  
F9PV 04 (EA6) Obtain Information from the Individual Regarding their Behaviour F9PV 04 (EA6) (124 KB)
F9PW 04 (EA8) Assess Individuals for the Principal Types and Levels of Risk Associated with their Problematic Behaviour F9PW 04 (EA8) (126 KB)
F9PX 04 (EA9) Assist in the Assessment of Individuals F9PX 04 (EA9) (105 KB)
F9PY 04 (ED5) Develop Intervention Plans for Individuals which Address Risk Factors and Enhance Protective Factors F9PY 04 (130 KB)
F9R1 04 (GB12) Work with Families and Carers towards Addressing Individuals' Problematic Behaviour F9R1 04 (GB12) (123 KB)
F9R2 04 (EC8) Support and Encourage Individuals in Addressing their Problematic Behaviour F9R2 04 (EC8) (104 KB)
F9R3 04 (EC9) Address the Challenging Behaviour of Individuals F9R3 04 (EC9) (122 KB)
F9R4 04 (GI1) Prepare and Provide Development Activities for Individuals F9R4 04 (GI1) (120 KB)
F9R5 04 (BB2) Model Pro-social Behaviour when Working with Individuals F9R5 04 (BB2) (107 KB)
F9R6 04 (GI3) Help Individuals to Develop Relationships and to Live with Others F9R6 04 (GI3) (100 KB)
F9R7 04 (GB14) Provide Support and Care to Individuals F9R7 04 (GB14) (96 KB)
F9R8 04 (GC13) Maintain the Safety, Security and Welfare of Individuals at Risk of Offending/Reoffending F9R8 04 (GC13) (106 KB)
F9R9 04 (GA8) Assist Individuals to use Agencies and Services F9R9 04 (GA8) (98 KB)
F9RA 04 (GB11) Assist Individuals to Establish Effective Support Networks F9RA 04 (GB11) (101 KB)
F9RC 04 (FI4) Support Individuals Towards their Resettlement in the Community from a Custodial Environment F9RC 04 (FI4) (116 KB)
F9RD 04 (F15) Assist in Monitoring the Progress of those Released on Licence F9RD 04 (F15) (96 KB)
F2AC 04 (GC5) Develop Control for People who are a Risk to Themselves or Others F2AC 04 (GC5) (120 KB)
F9RF 04 (FK1) Address Breaches of Electronically Monitored Curfew Orders made Alongside Community Orders F9RF 04 (FK1) (88 KB)
F9RG 04 (ED9) Monitor and Evaluate the Impact of Intervention Programmes for Individuals F9RG 04 (ED9) (108 KB)
F9RH 04 (EB4) Use Statutory Powers to Enforce Interventions F9RH 04 (EB4) (105 KB)
F9RJ 04 (EB5) Supervise and Enforce Interventions in the Community F9RJ 04 (EB5) (105 KB)
F9RK 04 (AD5) Promote Multi-agency Working at Agencies' Meetings F9RK 04 (AD5) (97 KB)
F9RM 04 (HF29) Assist in Identifying the Potential for Agency Development and in Promoting its Services F9RM 04 (HF29) (104 KB)
F9RN 04 (HF30) Co-ordinate Programmes Involving Several Agencies F9RN 04 (HF30) (116 KB)
F9E3 04 (GC4) Assess Risk of Harm and the Need for Intervention F9E3 04 (GC4) (102 KB)
F9RL 04 (DA8) Prepare and Present Verbal and Written Information at Courts and Meetings F9RL 04 (DA8) (88 KB)
F9R0 04 (ED6) Assist in Developing Intervention Plans for those at Risk of Offending/Reoffending F9R0 04 (ED6) (103 KB)
F9RP 04 (EC10) Manage the Transition of Young Offenders from the Youth Justice System F9RP 04 (EC10) (96 KB)
F9RR 04 (DJ101) Assess the Circumstances of an Incident towards Identifying a Resorative Response F9RR 04 (DJ101) (128 KB)
F9RT 04 (DJ203) Implement and Monitor Agreed Outcomes from a Restorative Process F9RT 04 (DJ203) (112 KB)
F9RV 04 (DJ204) Facilitate Informal Restorative Processes F9RV 04 (DJ204) (107 KB)
F9RW 04 (DJ205) Evaluate the Outcomes from a Restorative Process F9RW 04 (DJ205) (99 KB)
F9RX 04 (DJ302) Contribute to the Promotion of Restorative Practice F9RX 04 (DJ302) (96 KB)