Employers - New National Qualifications

New National Qualifications have been introduced in Scotland to support Curriculum for Excellence, the national curriculum for young people aged 3 to 18.

Our National 1 to National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications are designed to help young people develop the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to succeed - whether they progress to further education, higher education, training or employment. 

What has changed?

This table shows how the current National Qualifications have replaced the previous National Qualifications you may already be familiar with:

SCQF Level Previous National Qualifications Grades Replaced by Current National Qualifications Grades
7 Advanced Higher A to D > Advanced Higher A to D
6 Higher A to D > Higher A to D
5 Intermediate 2 A to D > National 5 A to D
Standard Grade (Credit level) 1 or 2 >
4 Intermediate 1 A to D > National 4 Not graded
Standard Grade (General level) 3 or 4 >
3 Standard Grade (Foundation level) 5 or 6 > National 3 Not graded
Access 3 Not graded >
2 Access 2 Not graded > National 2 Not graded
1 Access 1 Not graded > National 1 Not graded

View our interactive ready reckoner to see how the National Qualifications compare with other SQA qualifications.

Which skills will learners develop?

Are there any National Qualifications with a vocational focus?

Yes. These include Skills for Work Courses and National Progression Awards and National Certificates.

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