Delivery Processes and Information for Centres

Schools and Colleges are now delivering the new National 1 – 5 and Higher qualifications.This page provides updates and information on some of the operational aspects involved in delivering the new qualifications.

Delivering National Qualifications: Guide for SQA Co-ordinators 2016–17

Delivering National Qualifications is our practical guide for SQA Co-ordinators. It tells you what you need to know about running National Qualifications in your centre, including all key dates for the academic year. Centres can access the guide on SQA Connect.

SQA Connect

SQA Connect is our online customer portal that allows our customers to access a range of SQA services that provide delivery and operational support for our qualifications. These services include Results Services and Quality Assurance of internal assesment.

A series of SQA Connect tutorial videos are available to help centres navigate the portal and use its services more effectively. These videos are available on SQA Connect and can also be viewed on our SQA Connect webpage