Project Category
Occupational Standards Services
Project Title
Egypt: Development of National Skills Standards
Name of Client
Government of Egypt
Start/ End Date
Oct 1999 - Oct 2003
Project Description

This project piloted competency based training in 100 trades across four occupational areas and focused on the development of standards and programmes through close collaboration with industry.

Project deliverables:

  • Develop and implement skill standards for 100 trades across 3 economic sectors
  • Develop and pilot competence-based training programmes (CBTPs) and assessment specifications
  • Prepare equipment specifications for 50 vocational training centres
  • Develop the staff of the vocational training centres to deliver quality assurance and assess CBTPs
  • Develop institutional capacity to implement mechanisms to support identification and implementation of standards development; quality assurance; data collection and processing, and certification
  • Establish an evaluation mechanism through the project which utilises data from tracer studies
  • Policy development – development of a sustainable policy and management structure
  • Working closely with social partners
  • Identification and analysis of training needs
  • Development of occupational standards
  • Curriculum development
  • Decentralisation of VET systems – establishment of regional bodies
  • Technical updating
  • Identification of equipment specifications