Project Category
Occupational Standards Services
Project Title
Egypt: Provision of Technical Assistance to the Industrial Training Council
Name of Client
Industrial Training Council (ITC)
Start/ End Date
June 2008 - June 2009
Project Description

The Industrial Training Council has responsibility for the development and awarding of Egyptian Vocational Competence Based Qualifications in Egypt. This project was a progression from the National Skills Standards Project where EVCQs were produced for 236 vocational programmes covering 101 trades across four occupational areas. It focused on the development of standards and programmes for further trades through close collaboration with industry in line with European best practice.

Project deliverables:

  • Provide training in functional analysis to establish job roles and functions
  • Develop and implement occupational skills standards for further trades across 3 economic sectors using a functional analysis approach
  • Develop Egyptian Vocational Competence Based Qualifications (EVCQs) and assessment specifications
  • Prepare equipment specifications
  • Develop institutional capacity within ITC to undertake the roles of standards and qualifications development; quality assurance
  • Technical assistance / Consultancy
  • Working closely with social partners
  • Identification and analysis of training needs
  • Curriculum development
  • Assessment procedureS development
  • Technical updating
  • Identification of equipment specifications