Project Category
Institutional Capacity Building Services
Project Title
Kosovo: Development of a Quality Assured, Accredited NQA & NQF System
Name of Client
Ministry of Science, Education and Technology
Start/ End Date
Sept 2009 - Aug 2011
Project Description

Supported the development of a system of quality assurance, accreditation and qualifications in Kosovo for Vocational Education and Training. Supported the development and capacity building of a Qualification Authority in Kosovo and the implementation of the National Qualifications Framework aligned to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Project deliverables:

  • Produced essential material and operational tools on the legal framework of qualifications and VET quality assurance, the National Qualifications Law an. established effective quality assurance in Kosovo and National Qualifications Framework implementation
  • Developed and implemented the legal framework and infrastructure for VET provider accreditation
  • National standards established, with monitoring and review systems for VET Qualifications aligned to the EQF
  • Produced VET qualifications, curriculum materials, quality assurance manuals and guides
  • Improved the technical and administrative capacity of the National Qualification Authority and other relevant beneficiary institutions and partners which are part of the accreditation and quality
  • Raised awareness of the NQA and NQF and its assurance system