South Africa
Project Category
Quality Assurance Services
Project Title
South Africa: Benchmarking of Qualifications against Scottish Equivalents
Name of Client
South African Department of Education
Start/ End Date
Aug 2007 - Dec 2007
Project Description

SQA was invited by the South African Department of Education to evaluate exemplar examination papers for ten subject areas in support of the new National Senior Certificate, which was developed in response to a review of the South African curriculum for the last three years of general secondary education.

SQA was contracted to conduct this project to ensure that the examinations relating to the new qualifications were of the appropriate standard. The evaluation was based on criteria agreed upon by SQA and the client. These criteria focussed on the standards currently applicable in Scotland, and also took into consideration the South African national curriculum statements.

Services provided by SQA include:

  • Consultancy and Guidance
  • Project management
  • Scrutiny of examination papers for benchmarking purposes
  • Curriculum development/ updating
  • Report writing