Bulk Liquid Operations

The Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) level 2 in Bulk Liquid Operations, at SCQF level 5, has been developed by Cogent and is intended for people in the bulk liquid operations industry who may be working as bulk liquid operators.

This qualification is now in its lapsing period and will finish on 31/10/2017. Please refer to the Qualification Structure section for further information.

The SVQ covers:

This qualification is available through sector-specific employers.

Why deliver this qualification

The SVQ in Bulk Liquid Operations at SCQF level 5 has been developed by Cogent (the sector skills council for science-based industries) and is awarded by SQA. It incorporates the national occupational standards and qualification structure for the sector.

This SVQ and can be offered at any time as it does not need to follow the academic session.

Who does this qualification suit

This qualification is suitable for people working in bulk liquid handling facilities who would benefit from well structured opportunities to improve their skills and career prospects within the industry.


Entry is at the discretion of the centre. As this is a work-based qualification, learners should be in job roles which would enable them to provide the required evidence.


The SVQ in Bulk Liquid Operations could open up more employment opportunities and career prospects within the industry.


Centres with devolved authority are eligible to seek approval through their own internal approval process.

Centres without devolved authority will have to come forward for approval and should contact the Business Development Team for guidance in completing the combined CA1/SA1 form.

Assessors and verifiers must be able to meet SQA's general requirements as outlined in the guide to approval.

How to assess

This SVQ is designed to be assessed in the workplace, or in the conditions of the workplace.

Assessment of this qualification will be through a series of theoretical and practical assessments or tasks. Some assessments will be carried out under supervised open-book conditions, others under supervised closed-book conditions.

Where can you take this course?

Qualification content and delivery tools

Information about the qualification(s)

Qualification Structure

This qualification is now in its lapsing period and will finish on 31/10/2017. Centres should note:

  • The qualification will be deleted from the relevant catalogue
  • The qualification’s content and delivery tools will remain on SQA’s website until 31/10/2017 at which point they will be removed and archived
  • No new centres may be approved to offer the qualification
  • No candidates can be entered for the qualification
  • Centres should ensure candidates complete the qualification and results are submitted to SQA before 31/10/2017.


National Occupational Standards

Unit information for this qualification is available on our Accredited Qualification Unit Search.

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