Business Improvement Techniques (Process Improvement)

Business Improvement Techniques (Process Improvement)

SQA offers Business Improvement techniques (Process Improvement) at Level 3.

This SVQ isbased on the National Occupational Standards (NOS) set and published by the Sector Skills Council for the sector, Semta.

The standards provide an accurate and detailed definition of what candidates must know, understand and be able to do.  These SVQs will enable those working in this sector to develop the knowledge and skills required to demonstrate competence in their job role.

This qualifications is now in it's lapsing period.  The SVQ at SCQF level 6 will finish on 31/03/2021. Please refer to the qualification structure section for further information.

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Qualification Structure

BIT Process Improvement Structure at Level 3 (G9XJ 23) (82 KB)

This qualification is now in its lapsing period and will finish on 31/03/2021. Centres should note:

  • The qualification will be deleted from the relevant catalogue
  • The qualification's content and delivery tools will remain on SQA's website until 31/03/2021 at which point they will be removed and archived
  • No new centres may be approved to offer the qualification
  • No candidates can be entered for the qualification

Centres should ensure candidates complete the qualification and results are submitted to SQA before 31/03/2021.

National Occupational Standards

Unit information for this qualification is available on our Unit Search.


Modern Apprenticeship

This Award is also part of the Modern Apprenticeship in Technical Apprenticeship in Engineering

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