About this resource

SQA and other organisations have been working to identify:

To date this work has been progressed through an e-assessment sub-group of the SQA/Colleges’ Quality Enhancement Forum. In this first period of development, the contributing sub-group members were representatives of Borders College, Cardonald College, City of Glasgow College, Dumfries and Galloway College, Edinburgh’s Telford College, Stow College, Education Scotland (HMIe), JISC, UHI and SQA.

One of the sub-group’s tasks was to survey colleges to explore the issues above. The survey findings showed that a wide range of e-assessment approaches is being used, with online testing and VLEs the most commonly-used approaches. The survey also identified e-assessment issues and concerns. This led to the development of this web resource.

We’ve created this resource to collate information and provide a simple, single point of guidance to support and encourage the use of e-assessment in centres. It’s designed to assist in planning, implementing and reviewing the use of e-assessment tools and systems.

Key purposes of the website are to:

The website offers a journey-through approach to e-assessment. You’ll find some guidance from SQA, and links to SQA resources, but the website’s not intended to be an ‘SQA-only’ resource. There are links to Scotland’s Colleges, JISC, the e-Assessment Association and other organisations which offer resources and guidance.

This is the first version of the resource. As the website continues to develop, the intention is to increase its relevance for all users. There are mechanisms to allow users to contribute.