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This area contains information on SQA's approach to e-assessment. It should be of interest to teaching professionals and learning technologists in centres. It contains resources such as our requirements for e-assessment, including details on how to access our requirements for e-portfolios, guidance for centres on e-assessment, and information about SQA's overall e-assessment strategy.



SQA requirements for e-Assessment

This document contains criteria for e-assessment systems, such as e-testing systems used to support the assessment of SQA qualifications. The criteria could be used by centres and providers of e-assessment systems, to ensure their systems meet SQA's requirements, and also as a reference point for SQA's External Verifiers. The criteria have been adapted from the UK Qualifications Regulators' publication, Regulatory Principles for e-Assessment . These principles are designed to ensure e-assessment is based on effective and robust educational methodologies and supported with valid, reliable infrastructure and systems.

  • Download (56 KB) document for SQA's requirements for e-Assessment (Word 686kb)

e-Assessment Guide to Effective Practice

The four organisations which regulate qualifications in the UK - the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment in Northern Ireland (CCEA), the office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations in England (Ofqual), the Welsh Government (WG) and SQA - have collaborated to develop a publication, E-assessment: Guide to Effective Practice.

The guide was produced predominately for colleges and training providers but may also be of use to schools and Higher Education establishments and for awarding bodies.

It covers two key aspects of e-assessment: the management and delivery of e-testing and the use of e-portfolios for assessment.

You can also download individual components or sections of the guide below.


Digital Evidence

SQA is increasingly aware of the requirement for verification of Digital Evidence. For full information and for any queries relating to digital assessment evidence please visit the main SQA site area related to Quality Assurance. (This link will take you out of the e-Assessment section.)

Included in this information is a video case study showing the experience of an external verifier visiting a centre whose assessment evidence is available in digital format. You can view this video here.

For further enquiries please email


SQA's strategy for e-Assessment

SQA believes that e-assessment plays an increasingly important role in supporting the delivery of our qualifications, offering significant benefits to centres, the learners who take our qualifications and SQA. This document sets out SQA's original vision and strategy for e-assessment of our qualifications. We are currently reviewing this and will publish a revised version in due course.

  • Download (76 KB) document for SQA Vision & Strategy (pdf 76kb)