Resources and Services


In this section we have provided an overview of the products, services and resources that SQA has produced. These have been designed to enhance the learning and assessment experience for learners and provide more choice in delivery and assessment approaches to tutors and teachers.  This leaflet provides an overview.


Social Software

Collaborative Learning Assessed by Social Software (CLASS)

CLASS is a tool for learners studying for the Project Based National Course (PBNC) in Health and Safety in Care Settings. It offers learners a blog and a wiki to record group activities and generate a group project. By recording their personal thoughts and activities in their personal or group blog, learners can demonstrate their understanding of the subject. All members of the group also contribute to the project by editing a group wiki, and work collaboratively to achieve the objectives of the project. Because assessors can see and track the contributions made to the wiki by each member of the group, they can assign marks to learners fairly, and can reward learners who have contributed effectively to the project.

e-Assessment Resources

SQA has developed an e-assessment resource, in collaboration with colleges and other agencies, to provide a single point of guidance to support the use of e-assessment in centres. It collates materials and information designed to assist in planning, implementing and reviewing the use of e-assessment tools and systems. It is not intended to be an SQA-only resource - it links to information from Colleges Scotland, Jisc RSC Scotland, the e-Assessment Association and other organisations. The resource should be of interest to centre managers, teaching professionals, administrators,invigilators and SQA appointees.

To view this resource please use this link. (Please note that this link takes you to a separate section of the website)

Online learning, teaching and assessment materials

Transforming Scottish Education Through Technology (TranSETT)
The TranSETT project, which was funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), ran from June 2008 until March 2012. This exciting development enabled a number of high uptake National Certificates and National Progression Awards to be enhanced through the creation of e-assessments and web-based learning and teaching materials which are now available.

Resources for National Certificate and National Progression Awards

The e-assessment resources developed by SQA have been produced for either summative or formative use by learners, through the SOLAR e-assessment delivery system ( The summative e-assessments are pre-verified and guaranteed on delivery, providing real benefits for learners and learning providers alike.

The online teaching and learning materials, have been developed in partnership with College Development Network, and are available through Re:source, the SQA Academy website ( and the College Development Network digital repository. More than 30,000 e-assessment questions and 96 units of interactive web-based learning and teaching were produced, across 34 qualification areas.

To access information about all of the materials from TranSETT, go to (Please note that this link will take you out of this section of the website.)


e-assessment case studies

The following are links to materials for case studies for SQAs e-assessment engine SOLAR. There are three case studies available, one from Armadale Academy for Personal Finance and Maths, one for Ambition Centre for Training for SVQ Hairdressing and Dundee and Angus College for Renewable Energy.

If you think that your centre is demonstrating good practice in using e-assessment for an SQA qualification, and you would be willing to develop a case study on this, please contact us at