In this archive you an find resources which are no longer live but which may still be of interest, including news items, research findings, evaluation reports and case studies.  

Piloting e-verification

From 2008-2010, SQA worked with centres and External Verifiers to pilot e-verification. This project was initiated because we were aware that centres and candidates were increasingly using e-portfolios and other electronic means to manage assessment evidence and we wanted to explore how SQA could make use of e-verification as part of its quality enhancement process.

SOLAR white paper

The Solar Project is an important e-assessment development project for the Scottish Qualifications Authority and Scotland's colleges. This White Paper gives information on how the project has developed so far and how we see it moving forward.

Assessment 2.0

There's been a lot of buzz around 'Web 2.0' - the 'second version' of the World Wide Web - and SQA has been exploring the potential of Web 2.0 for student assessment. Web services such as Flickr, Blogger and Wikipedia have great potential as sources of candidate evidence and Futurelab recently published a paper entitled 'Assessment 2.0' which describes our findings.

Research Bulletin 32: Delivering and Assessing Learning on Mobile Devices

Findings of a small-scale pilot project undertaken by the Scottish Qualifications Authority to take a preliminary look at the prospects for using mobile devices, such as mobile phones and smartphones, for the delivery and assessment of learning.

E-scape Scotland Project

SQA was been a partner in the e-scape Scotland Project. E-scape stands for 'e-solutions for creative assessment in portfolio environments', and the aims of e-scape Scotland were to:

  • develop and extend an adaptation of the e-scape project which captures pupil performance, thinking and creativity

  • encompass formative assessment strategies as learners work on design challenges

  • provide a range of evidence of assessment through various modes of expression.

The main thrust of e-scape Scotland project was to explore the potential of the e-scape methodology in classrooms where learning and 'Assessment is for Learning' (AifL) was the primary concern.

Under the e-scape Scotland approach, learners captured digital images of work in progress in areas such as Product Design. These were uploaded to what is in effect an e-portfolio, allowing peers and teachers to provide feedback on the work as it progresses. The approach has been trialled in summative contexts in England. The focus of the two-year trial in Scotland was to see how effective it was in a formative setting. The work was led by Susan McLaren at Edinburgh University with input from LTS and SQA.

The E-scape Summary Handout is available by using the following link: E-scape summary handout (249 KB)
The E-scape Summary Research and Development Report is available by using the following link: E-scape summary research and development report (272 KB)

Case Studies

We will update these with new content. If your centre has any examples of good practice and would like to showcase these as a case study please contact Derek McFarlane on