The benefits of taking part

Both the STA and SQA appreciate that taking part in the trial represents a time commitment from schools and potential disruption to the school day. However, the benefits from participating make the process worthwhile. These include:

Taking part in the trial will assist your knowledge and understanding of the types of questions to expect in the national curriculum tests and the structure of the final tests. In addition, it may help you to better prepare your pupils for what to expect when it comes to them taking part in national curriculum tests.

Teachers will have the opportunity to see the test papers and provide feedback. This will allow you to express opinions on any questions that you think may be problematic for your pupils or difficult for them to understand in terms of what they need to do. The STA are interested in any feedback on the demand of all the tests and the range of skills being assessed. Your feedback will help ensure that the questions used in the final tests, and the results will be reliable.