Taking part in the trial

Please note that participation in the trial is by invitation only. SQA will contact you by letter if STA have selected your school to take part in the key stage 1 or key stage 2 trial. Please register your school details by completing the online school registration form.

When registering your schools details you will be required to provide the name of the person who will act as the main point of contact between your school and SQA during the 2018 trial period. You will also be asked to indicate if you have any unavailable dates for undertaking the trial.

Registering pupils

  • Once a school registers their details, SQA will select one class from Year 2 or Year 6 to take part in the trial and send schools communication explaining our process for collecting pupil data and the deadline for submitting it.

  • SQA will then provide each school with login details and instructions on how to access our secure system and access the Microsoft Excel Pupil data form for Year 2 or Year 6 pupils for that school.

  • Schools with then identify from the pupil data form the class selected by SQA to participate in the trial. The school must check that the pupil data is correct and make any amendments as required.  If there are additional pupil/s that are not on the pupil data form, the school is required to add their names and supply all other relevant pupil data on the form. Once a school has made the updates, they are requested to return the data form via SQA’s secure system. Instructions on this process will be communicated in an email to the school. This data must not be returned by email.

  • This pupil data must be confirmed to SQA within 10 working days from receiving access to the secure system.

Carrying out the tests

SQA will deploy Test Administrators to conduct the trial. All our Test Administrators are DBS checked, hold a teaching qualification and are fully trained in test administration.

The Test Administrator assigned to your school will contact you prior to the trial period to confirm the trial date and all other arrangements.  A class teacher must be present at all times during the trial and the school will need to provide a suitable classroom for the pupils to sit the tests.

When all test paper(s) have been collected, the Test Administrator may ask pupils a few questions about what they thought of the tests to ascertain their views. The class teacher will have access to the test paper(s) on the day and will be asked to complete a short questionnaire where they can provide feedback and suggest improvements.

In some instances, an STA or SQA observer may be present during the trial for quality assurance purposes, or to gain first-hand experience of how the pupils are responding to the questions.