Coping with stress

Exam season can be an overwhelming and tough time so here are some tips to handle exam stress.

Be prepared

One of the best ways to relieve exam stress is to feel in control so:

Put it into perspective

It may feel like your whole life depends on your exam results but try not to worry too much. Focus on the task at hand and work to your best ability.

No matter the outcome of the exams, you'll have a lot of options to help you move forward.

Keep yourself healthy

In the rush of exams and revision, remember to keep your mind and body healthy by exercising regularly - it's a well known stress buster.

Snack on foods that help your brain function better and provide slow-releasing energy like wholegrain, fruit and nuts.

Coffee and energy drinks can help you feel more awake but too much can make you lose concentration and not get a good night of rest. Try to limit your intake and drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

We can only study properly for around 45 minutes at a time before we lose concentration and absorb less information so know when you need a break.

Get the most out of your revision by studying in small, focused chunks and take regular breaks when you get tired. Go for a walk or have a snack and get yourself energised for the next round of studying.