Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Project Category
Occupational Standards Services
Project Title
Saudi Arabia: Revising and Developing National Occupational Skills Standards
Name of Client
Saudi Skills Standards
Start/ End Date
Nov 2013/June 2014
Project Description

SQA deployed a team of 17 Technical Experts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to revise/develop 25 National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) and Occupational Summaries/Functional Maps. The team was responsible for developing and implementing strategy, operational processes, capacity building activities and developing guidance and manuals to support Saudi Skills Standards (SSS) to produce a sustainable model for the maintenance and review of NOSS.

Quality assurance and standardisation was a key feature of this project.  To support this objective, SQA developed quality assurance criteria and engaged with sector practitioners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ensure that the final NOSS were of the appropriate quality and met the labour market needs of the relevant KSA occupational sector.

SQA's project activities included:

  • Developing 25 NOSS which:
  • are based on Labour Market Intelligence (LMI)
  • reflect international best practice and meet the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's labour market needs
  •  include an Occupational Summary/Functional Map
  • have been quality assured
  • include an estimated European Qualification Framework (EQF) level for each NOSS Unit
  • have been validated by regional sector practitioners and key stakeholders
  • Supporting Saudi Skills Standards to build its internal capacity in the areas of NOSS development.
  • Producing a range of guidance documents, templates and reports to support project implementation and the sustainability of future NOSS development in KSA. This included inception, interim and final project reports, weekly progress reports, training manuals and guidance documentation on NOSS development, process maps, templates and work instructions, strategy and action plans.

Services provided by SQA included:

  • Research and analysis to identify the level and scope of occupations for which NOSS will be developed
  • National stakeholder engagement and consultation
  • Strategy development and action planning
  • Functional analysis and Occupational Summary/Functional Map development for 25 occupational sectors
  • Review of existing Saudi NOSS to clarify local requirements and usable material
  • Identification and recommending NOS development international best practice and tailoring for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Development and quality assurance of NOSS for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Determining an estimated European Qualification Framework (EQF) level for each NOSS Unit
  • Developing and delivering a Capacity Building Action Plan.  This included various techniques such as coaching and mentoring, work shadowing and delivery of training workshops
  • Recommending improvements to processes and governance arrangements to provide a sustainable model for maintaining NOSS

Producing documentation to support the development, quality assurance and maintenance of NOSS