SQA.org.uk improvements

A number of improvements have been made on SQA.org.uk to make it easier to navigate and to help you find what you're looking for.

We spoke to teachers and learners across the country (410 practitioners and 561 learners) and used this feedback to determine improvements to the service. Overall, feedback on the website was positive, with 88% of participants able to easily find what they were looking for. However, there were also several suggestions for improvements — and it’s these that have now been implemented.

Home page/navigation

The new home page has clear user selection panels as the main focus and a more streamlined layout for key content and information. Some customers thought the old home page design was too busy and that it was not clear how to get to pages specifically aimed at them.

website screen shot


We have merged Subjects and Qualifications into a single area so that it’s more straightforward to access all qualification information from one place.

Page layout and content

We have changed the site layout on all pages from a three-column to a two-column layout and increased the font size used. These changes improve clarity and will help you get to what you are looking for more quickly.

Site personalisation

There are several personalisation options now available:

All of the changes have been tested with teachers and learners.

What do you think?

We’re always looking to improve the website. So if there are areas that you think can be improved, or if you have any other suggestions, please let us know by e-mailing web.team@sqa.org.uk

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