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Will SQA quality assure our qualification or learning programme?

SQA will only quality assure the qualification or learning programme once it has been credit rated and you have signed up to our external quality assurance service. This is at an additional annual cost and is carried out by an SQA Officer.

Can a new qualification or learning programme be credit rated?

Organisations can submit an existing qualification or learning programme which learners have already taken part in, or a programme which has yet to run.

Learners in our qualification or learning programme do not sit a final exam, can this still be credit rated?

The way in which a qualification or learning programme is assessed does not affect the submission and as long as the outcomes are formally assessed, and the results recorded then it can be considered for credit rating.

Is there a charge for this service?

As this is a commercial service there is a charge for the Credit Rating service. For further details please contact our Credit Rating Service (link to contact page).

What type of credit does this process refer to?

This will result in general credit and not specific credit being allocated.

Does completing this process mean that we have been accredited?

SCQF Credit Rating will not result in accreditation or validation by SQA. SQA is the credit rating body.