Assessment in Apprenticeships - Trailblazer White paper 1

How will the apprenticeship reforms affect trailblazer employers?

You, as employers, are now at the forefront of the development of Apprenticeships and learning; creating people with workplace skills that are relevant to business and industry.

The Future of Apprenticeships in England: Implementation Plan is the Government's response to the Richard Review and outlines this major reform to Apprenticeships. This gives you as employers the responsibility for standards and assessment approaches.

Developing new standards, and deciding how these will be assessed, is a complex undertaking. However, it is also a real opportunity for your business – one that can be maximised with the experience and support of SQA.

Creating industry standards

Employers are central to setting the standard for each industry. We have years of experience assisting sectors and businesses of all types to identify the skills they require and to write these as industry standards. With our help you will be able to create well-written standards that will move your industry or sector forward.

Assessing apprenticeship standards

Once the standards are in place, you must then confirm that these standards are met. Good assessment is crucial, whether as part of a qualification or stand-alone. We provide sector specialist knowledge to design and develop effective new assessments, backed by our experience in assessment strategies, innovative assessments, holistic assessment, grading criteria, and quality assurance processes.

Recognition, certification and quality assurance

We have been awarding qualifications in the UK and internationally for almost 90 years and we have the infrastructure and experience to deliver all stages of the assessment process, whether as part of a qualification or standalone. We can offer systems and expertise to help you recognise achievement, enter results, and provide certificates. All our processes and systems are underwritten by tried-and-tested quality assurance models which support the worth and value of what we do.

How we can support employers

We recognise that employers and sectors have different needs. We have teams of experts and a network of 15,000 appointees across a range of sectors to provide you with the knowledge and expertise you are looking for. Our range of services can be used independently or collectively, whether it is to help coordinate your approach to Apprenticeship assessment or to take this on for you as full consultants.

Our free white paper on assessment sets out the areas that you as trailblazer employers should consider when working on assessment design, development and delivery. We can offer support and guidance at any stage of your journey.

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