Issue and Distribution of Examination Answer Booklets for Electronically Marked Papers

Over the past few years SQA has introduced and increased its use of electronic marking for National Qualifications’ examination scripts.  In 2015, the majority of National 5 and new Highers will be marked in this way.

We have used and will continue to use two types of question paper:

To support electronic marking, the materials submitted to SQA for marking contain subject, level and paper-specific identifiers and bar codes, which along with Scottish Candidate Number and date of birth information are used to match candidates’ scripts and marks to their entries. 

It is therefore imperative that candidates are provided with the correct question paper or separate answer booklet. Last year there were a number of instances where an incorrect answer booklet was issued to candidates.

In an effort to avoid this in 2015 we will be issuing paper-specific answer booklets for the majority of National 5 Courses, new Highers and a small number of existing qualifications as part of the question paper distribution. 

These paper-specific answer booklets will be included on the advice/delivery note to be checked and receipted for by Chief Invigilators and should be stored securely alongside the question papers. This means that when preparing materials for issue on the day of an examination, Invigilators will have the key materials together, in the same location, which it is hoped will significantly reduce the opportunity for collating and issuing incorrect materials.

Please note that answer booklets for the papers which will not be electronically marked in 2015 will continue to be issued as part of the examination stationery distribution.

Please advise your Chief Invigilator of this change.