SQA's response to the CfE Reflections Group review

Statement from SQA:

"SQA welcomes the findings of the CfE Reflections Group review led by Ken Muir and is committed to continuing to work in partnership will all members of the Curriculum for Excellence management board to achieve its goals."

"SQA has successfully met, and continues to meet its milestones in the delivery and implementation of the new qualifications either on time or early. Throughout the process, SQA has kept all interested parties updated on progress and developments and provided training, advice and guidance. We have and will continue to listen very carefully to feedback. Last session, we provided a detailed programme of additional support, including subject specific Continuing Professional Development events along with subject implementation events; course arrangements for the new Nationals; guidance on the use of past papers; coursework and assessment materials for all new subjects."

"A number of the recommendations put forward by the review, such as the provision of further support in understanding assessment standards, are already being put in place to further improve the learning experience for pupils, teachers, parents, schools and colleges."

"We are now giving full consideration to the other longer term recommendations and will keep everyone updated on progress."

The report from the CfE Reflections Group is available to download from the Education Scotland website.

A number of recommendations have now been put in place in response to this review. We recently announced that we will be providing Exemplar Question Papers (EQPs) for the new Higher Courses, to provide an additional resource for teachers/lecturers and their learners. We are also providing further support to teachers and lecturers to help them develop their understanding of the national standards required in Course and Unit assessment, and have recently commenced a three year programme of Understanding Standards activity. This includes the provision of support materials and training events for teaching professionals.

Our ongoing website improvement programme in place to ensure that information on our website is easy to access; most recently, we have introduced a new layout to our web pages. We have also published a guide for teachers and lecturers to help them access the subject pages of our website to obtain documents and information, and we have also created a new CfE Subject Changes web page which lists all of the changes made to the documents for each subject.

We will continue to work with schools and colleges to ensure that teachers, lecturers, learners and parents/carers have the information and support that they need.