Diploma in Floorcovering Occupations at QCF level 2

Diploma in Floorcovering Occupations at QCF level 2

The Diploma in Floorcovering Occupations at QCF level 2 will develop knowledge and skills in areas such as assessing and preparing background surfaces for floorcoverings; preparing and fitting underlays for floorcoverings, setting-out for laying floorcoverings; surface preparation to receive floorcoverings; assessing and evaluating conditions for floorcoverings; and joining and repairing textile floorcoverings in the workplace.

This qualification also encompasses conforming to general health, safety and welfare in the workplace; conforming to productive working practices; moving, handling and storing resources in the workplace; and developing customer relationships.

Why deliver this qualification

This qualification offers centres flexibility and choice because of the comprehensive range of optional Units.

This Diploma at QCF level 2 can be offered in any of the following modes:

  • full-time
  • part-time (eg day-release)
  • open and distance learning
  • infill into existing classes
  • evening provision

Who does this qualification suit

This QCF Diploma is suitable for a wide range of candidates including:

  • school leavers
  • adult returners to education
  • people in employment who wish to enhance their career prospects
  • individuals who wish to start their own business


As with all SQA qualifications, entry is at the discretion of the centre.


Centres will have to come forward for approval and should contact SQA’s Business Development Team for guidance.

Assessors and verifiers must be able to meet SQA’s general requirements for technical/occupational competence as outlined in the Guide to Approval.

How to assess

Ongoing course assessment will apply. Each Unit specification gives detailed information on the Evidence Requirements and approaches to assessment for the Unit.

Qualification content and delivery tools

Qualification Structure

This qualification requires the learner to complete mandatory and optional Units.

Group Award code: GKOV 60 (159 QCF credit points)

Ofqual Qualification Code: 601/4774/X

The Diploma in Floorcovering Occupations at QCF level 2 consists of 10 mandatory Units (119 QCF credit points) and 2 optional Units (40 QCF credit points).

For information on the structure of this qualification, please refer to the Qualification Structure.

Unit Specifications and Assessment Guidance

Unit Specifications and Assessment Guidance for these qualifications are available on SQA's secure website. These are available from your centre’s SQA Co-ordinator. For further information, please contact mycentre@sqa.org.uk

Assessment Strategy

Learner Guidance and Portfolio

Floorcovering Occupations (Construction) Z03745 (544 KB)