Exemplar Question Papers published for new Higher Courses

January 2015

We have published an Exemplar Question Paper for every new Higher Course that includes a question paper as part of the Course assessment. The Exemplar Question Paper is an additional resource that teachers, lecturers and candidates can use to prepare for the live Higher question papers. It may also be useful to parents or carers in supporting candidates who are preparing for Course assessment.

Exemplar Question Papers have been produced using existing questions from Higher past papers; which have either been used as previously published or amended to reflect changes to the Higher Course. Marking Instructions are also included with the Exemplar Question Papers, and these have been amended to reflect changes to Higher assessment requirements.

We have also published Exemplar Question Paper guidance, which illustrates how the Exemplar Question Papers and Marking Instructions have been devised. This guidance will enable teachers and lecturers to produce further examples of questions for use with their candidates. Teachers and lecturers must also refer to the Course Assessment Specification, Higher past paper guidance and Higher Course comparison documents to ensure they are using the Exemplar Question Paper documents accurately.

Exemplar Question Papers, Marking Instructions and Exemplar Question Paper guidance documents are available from the relevant subject pages.

Please note that Specimen Question Papers and Exemplar Question Papers, in their entirety, will not be accepted as support for Exceptional Circumstances Consideration. These papers and associated Marking Instructions are in the public domain and can be accessed by candidates.