Changes to question numbering in some National 5 and Higher question papers

27 February 2015

Changes to question numbering in question papers

As a result of developments in our marking processes, we have amended the way that questions are numbered in some question papers, so that each question now has a unique number.

Where question papers have sections, questions will no longer start at ‘1’ in each section. For example, a question paper that has 20 questions, and is split into two sections, may have previously been numbered as follows:

Now, the questions will be numbered sequentially throughout the paper, eg:

This change affects question papers for the following subjects:

National 5

For these five subjects, this is a change from the 2014 question papers; the published Specimen Question Papers have been amended to reflect this change.

New Higher

For all of these subjects, the published Exemplar Question Papers demonstrate the numbering approach which will be seen in the 2015 Question Papers. The corresponding Specimen Question Papers will be amended in due course.