Planned updates to Advanced Higher documents

26 March 2015

As we explained in our January 2015 subject updates, we will update the documents for the new Advanced Higher Courses before the Courses go live in August 2015. These updates will ensure consistency between the assessment support materials, advice and guidance documents and documents containing mandatory information.

Updated Unit Specifications, Course Specifications and Course Assessment Specifications will be published by the end of April 2015. Where documents have only minor changes (version 1.1), they will be accompanied by a comparative document that clearly illustrates what changes have been made. This will help teachers and lecturers quickly and easily identify the changes.

We will also update packages 1 and 2 of Advanced Higher Unit assessment support to ensure consistency with package 3. The updated Unit assessment support packs and Course/Unit Support Notes will be published in May 2015.

Please note that Course and Unit codes will now be added to the documents and, for some subjects, the addition of these codes will be the only change.

The Notification of Changes spreadsheets will also be updated for Advanced Higher following the publication of any revised documents. These can be found at