Independence In Assessment – Trailblazers White Paper 2


What does apprenticeship reform mean for employers?

Apprenticeship reform in England means that employers are taking the lead in developing the standards and assessments for the new apprenticeships.

The reform is a result of The Future of Apprenticeships in England: Implementation Plan, the Government's response to the Richard Review. Apprenticeship trailblazer groups have been set up to lead on this. Their work will ultimately create people with workplace skills that are relevant to business and industry.

How can an awarding body help?

As an awarding body, we can help trailblazers and employers with everything from creating industry standards, assessing standards to recognition, certification and quality assurance.

We can support employers and trailblazers from the initial apprenticeship design and standards that are produced at the very early stages right through to the assessment strategy and also the delivery of the assessment.

We would advise trailblazers to involve an awarding organisation such as ourselves from as early in the process as possible as the better the blueprint of the standards, the better the assessments at the end will be. We can support trailblazers right through the whole process, or in the specific areas they need help.

How we support employers

Following on from our first white paper on independence in assessment, we have now created a second white paper on independence in assessment. This white paper aims to help you whether you’re a trailblazer, employer or working with these groups. It outlines how to follow the government guidance on ensuring assessments are fair and objective.

The white paper covers:

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