Assessment plan approved and funding band allocated

Assessment criteria:

  1. Synoptic assessment – this is the test that comes at the end of the apprenticeship.  It needs to look at all the skills and knowledge of the apprenticeship and test the individual in the round not just pockets.
  2. Range of assessment methods – assessment plans should have mixed assessment methods, more than one is needed to get the holistic picture.
  3. Grading – at least one level must be above the passmark.  Grading is a way to recognise excellence in some apprentices.  This is more appropriate in some sectors than in others, eg regulatory requirements. There is a mechanism for trailblazers to be exempted from grading criteria where it is felt this is appropriate for the occupation.
  4. Delivering consistent (reliable) judgements – if apprentices sit the test in different locations, both tests will deliver same outcome/make the same judgement of the individual.
  5. Delivering accurate (valid) judgements –methods of assessment chosen must be appropriate for the apprenticeship.
  6. Ensuring independence – ensuring assessments are fair and objective.
  7. Affordability.
  8. Manageability/feasibility.
  9. Professional body recognition (where appropriate) – this is the same criteria as for the apprenticeship standard.  If there is a professional body in the sector, the Government wants to be assured that the professional body agrees that the standard/assessment plan is fit for purpose.