Why SQA?

We are an experienced awarding body working internationally with a global reputation for quality and service. 

Trusted experts in qualification and assessment design, we are the national accreditation and awarding body in Scotland and also Ofqual recognised. We use our extensive experience to work in partnership with schools, colleges, universities and industry, within the UK and internationally.

We provide high quality, relevant and flexible qualifications and assessments, embedding and instilling industry standards.  Our qualifications are inclusive, accessible to all and provide clear progression pathways in-order to facilitate lifelong learning and recognised achievement. As a non-departmental government body, we are able to reinvest to continue expanding and improving our products and services.

Our credentials

Creating industry standards

With years’ experience assisting sectors and business of all types we can help employers or trailblazers to identify the skills they require your employees to have and translate these into industry standards.

Assessing standards

Experienced in developing assessment strategies, innovative assessments, holistic assessment, grading criteria, and quality assurance processes, our experts will provide sector specialist knowledge to design and develop new assessments. We have a wealth of expertise in this area, notably in an international context.

Recognition, certification and quality assurance

We have been awarding qualifications for almost 90 years – in the UK and internationally.  This means we have the infrastructure and experience in place to deliver all stages of the assessment process – whether part of a qualification or stand-alone. We can offer systems and expertise to help you recognise achievement, enter results, and provide certificates.

All our processes/systems are underwritten by tried-and-tested quality assurance models, which support the worth and value of what we do.

Dedicated support

We recognise that trailblazers, employers and sectors have different needs. With our team of experts and network of 15,000 appointees working with us across a range of sectors we are likely to have the knowledge and expertise you are looking for.

Whether you are looking for support to coordinate your own approach to Apprenticeship assessment, for the input of an independent consultant or for a partner to take forward all aspects for you, our range of services can be used independently or collectively to support whatever you need to achieve.

What about my sector?

We work across a range of sectors and can work with a particular sector on all areas from qualifications to services to contracts. Here are just some examples of how we can work with a particular sector on all areas from qualifications to services to contracts.

View our MySector tool to find out more about our qualifications in each sector or view our SQA Services page for more information about our services.