Updated Course/Unit Support Notes and Unit assessment support packs for new Advanced Higher Courses

29 May 2015

We have updated our Advanced Higher Course/Unit Support Notes, along with packages 1 and 2 of Advanced Higher Unit assessment support – before the new Courses go live August 2015.

Packages 1 and 2 of Advanced Higher Unit assessment support have been updated following the publication of package 3 at the end of April, to ensure consistency across all Unit assessment support packs.

The updated Course/Unit Support Notes correspond with the changes made to Advanced Higher Unit Specifications, Course Specifications and Course Assessment Specifications, which were published last month. These changes are also in line with the feedback gathered from our Advanced Higher subject implementation events held earlier this year.  All updated documents are now available.

These updates are intended to help support schools, colleges and candidates undertaking the new Advanced Higher Courses. They include helpful information on delivering Units within the Course, as well as coursework and question paper components.

The updated Advanced Higher Course/Unit Support Notes have been changed to ‘version 2.0’. We strongly advise teachers and lecturers to use these latest versions when delivering the new Advanced Higher Courses to candidates.

The updated Course/Unit Support Notes are available from our subject pages. Updated Unit assessment support packs are available from our secure website, and teachers and lecturers can arrange access to them through their SQA Co-ordinator.