Support and Sampling During Delivery

The second stage of internal verification is the during delivery stage. This includes:

During delivery tasks

Role of assessor Role of internal verifier
Standardise assessment of candidates with colleagues Participate in or lead standardisation activities

Ensure standardisation activities have taken place
Raise any concerns or queries Respond to queries, provide support and guidance to assessors
Make assessment judgements/respond to feedback from the internal verifier where required Review assessment judgements and complete sampling of assessor(s). Provide feedback to assessor(s)

Internal assessment appeals process

Internal malpractice process
Feedback to candidates Agree final results

During delivery records

A pro forma is provided for recording discussions and actions from meetings during the session. These may be staff team meetings, formal standardisation meetings, or smaller, informal meetings. This has a checklist of issues to be discussed during the year and allows you to record actions and decisions succinctly. There is also a completed example, for guidance.

A pro forma is provided for recording the sampling of candidates’ assessed work by the internal verifier, feedback to the assessor and action points. This would be used in conjunction with the Candidate Achievement Record (CAR) to record which candidates’ work has been sampled. A completed example is provided, for guidance.

Internal assessment appeals and malpractice

The fact that National Qualifications are largely internally-assessed means that the centre delivering them must have a documented procedure for dealing with appeals from candidates about their results in assessments, if they feel that they have been treated unfairly in the assessment. Internal verifiers have a role in this, providing a second opinion on assessment judgements when an appeal is raised.

SQA centres should have procedures for dealing with instances of suspected malpractice in internal assessments, as well as in externally-assessed examinations or coursework. Internal verifiers may be asked to provide a second opinion during investigations of suspected malpractice.

Internal Verification Toolkit pro forma - Single download