Quality Assurance and Maintenance – Trailblazers White paper 3

White paper 3

What does apprenticeship reform mean for employers?

The education market in England is undergoing change. Employers are now responsible for creating new apprenticeships standards and assessments and ‘ApprenticeshipTrailblazers’ are groups of employers leading on this. Their work will ultimately create people with workplace skills that are relevant to business and industry.

How can good apprenticeship standards be maintained?

Ensuring that apprentices are being assessed by the same robust standards, wherever and whenever they are assessed, is important for apprentices, for employers and for the reputation of industry.

Trailblazer groups need to consider a number of things to maintain standards and assessment, and respond to changes in industry. They will also need to consider what approach to take in the event of non-compliance.

What is quality assurance and maintenance?

Quality assurance and maintenance of standards are important because apprentices need to know that the standards they are working to are current and reflect best practice, while employers need to be confident that the assessment demonstrates that the apprentice has met the standards and is prepared to do a specified job.

Employers need to know that, irrespective of where the apprentice takes an assessment, it has been, or will be, carried out to the same high standard — past, present and future.

How can SQA’s expertise support employers?

Our white paper outlines the principles that underpin quality assurance and maintenance, focusing on specific issues and considerations relating to standards and assessment.

It also advises on what approach to take if assessors’ judgements are found not to comply with the assessment standards, by accepting insufficient evidence, being too lenient or too hard, or making inconsistent judgements.

With over 100 years’ experience, we have developed a level of expertise in the education sector and strong expertise in assessment and quality assurance. Our range of services can be used independently or collectively, either to help coordinate approaches to Apprenticeship assessment or to take this forward as consultants.

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