Updates to National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher coursework

30 September 2015

Following developments in the 2015 diet and feedback received from centres, we have updated the following documents for a number of National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Courses:

This includes Courses where new coursework tasks or topics are issued on an annual basis. 
For some Courses, we have included additional instructions and provided further clarification on the assessment tasks.

During the 2015 diet, we updated the Marking Instructions for a number of National 5 and Higher Courses as part of the marking process. This involved adding further information to the instructions to provide clarification of expected responses and ensure consistency across marking, and to encourage a more holistic approach to marking where appropriate. We have now updated the Marking Instructions in the relevant Coursework assessment task documents to include this additional information

Where applicable, we have updated the coursework documents for a number of Advanced Higher Courses to ensure consistency across all levels.

The updated General assessment information documents can be accessed from the relevant subject pages of our website. Coursework assessment tasks are available from our secure website, and teachers and lecturers can arrange access to them through their SQA Co-ordinator. In line with our standard practice, the updated documents contain version information and are dated September 2015.

A summary of the changes for each subject is provided on our Notification of changes tables at www.sqa.org.uk/cfesubjectchanges and more detailed information will be provided in our October 2015 subject updates.