British Sign Language Qualifications

British Sign Language

SQA's British Sign Language qualifications will give people the ability to be part of a multilingual world and to communicate effectively with Deaf people whether in social, academic and commercial settings so that they can fully contribute to a prosperous and dynamic Scotland. SQA offers a Scottish qualifications framework that provides for the development of knowledge and skills in the area of BSL and related areas from SCQF level 3 to SCQF level 8.

These qualifications will benefit your fluency in BSL and enhance your understanding of the Sign Language community. The range of qualifications available may provide a first step in developing a career path towards language learning, teaching, communication and interpreting. 

SQA has developed Assessment Support Packs which support the delivery of the Units and provide guidance on the standard of evidence expected. These packs are available for most Units.

New Awards in British Sign Language (BSL)

We are developing a new range of Awards in British Sign Language. The first two Awards will be available from Autumn 2018, at SCQF level 3 and 4. Further Awards at SCQF levels 5 and 6 will be available from Autumn 2019.

The Awards will be aimed at young BSL learners in schools and colleges. These new qualifications will offer an attractive addition to the choice of languages already available to young learners in Scotland. The Awards will be similar in length and demand to the existing National Courses in Modern Languages available from SQA.

The units that make up the new Awards have been adapted to respect BSL’s difference from spoken/written languages, and learners will also have the opportunity to develop their understanding of the Deaf community and its culture and history.