Get Energy

Get EnergyOver the last few years SQA have attended and continue to support and attend the Get Energy (Global Education and Training for Energy) events around the world.

Below are the events which SQA has attended and often sponsored as well as upcoming events:

VTEC MENA, GASCO, 7 – 9 December 2015, Sheikh Khalifa Energy Complex, Abu Dhabi

Hosted by GASCO, ADMA-OPCO and ADNOC, Getenergy’s VTEC MENA is the Middle East and North Africa’s only event to bridge the gap between providers of vocational and technician education and training with the oil and gas industry – to develop a local, highly skilled and safe trained workforce.

In its third year, VTEC MENA brings 300 leaders from government, colleges, training companies and the region’s upstream oil and gas industry meet to develop partnerships between the industry and education community from across the Middle East and North Africa.

VTEC Americas, 13 – 14 October 2015, Lone Star College Conference Center, Woodlands, Houston

The 3rd VTEC Americas event will return to Houston in October, offering the only event to unite international technical and vocational education and training providers with oil and gas companies. This years’ event will focus on developing technical and vocational training partnerships across North and South America, with a particular focus on the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil and will investigate four key themes:

11th Annual Getenergy Global 2015, 15 – 16 June 2015, Business Design Centre, London

The Getenergy Global event annually aims to build the capacity of education systems in countries with hydrocarbon resources, to increase operational efficiency through education and training of the local workforce develop; this is a major priority particularly in the low oil price environment.

The event brought together representatives from 50+ NOCs and major IOCs and contractors, the principal education and training providers and energy ministers and their representatives responsible for national workforce development to create a forum in which industry, government and education and training collaborated to meet the workforce and capability development demands of the oil and gas industry.

The Getenergy Global discussions are critical, not only to the growth of energy companies and to the success of education and training providers but to the citizens of those countries whose current and future prosperity is inextricably linked to its energy resources and, more pertinently, to the education and training dividend which these resources can fund.

Getenergy VTEC MENA 2014, 8-10 December 2014, ADMA-OPCO Headquarters, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Hosted by ADMA-OPCO and supported by ADNOC, VTEC MENA is the Middle East and North Africa’s first and only event to bridge the gap between providers of vocational and technician education and training with the oil and gas industry.

The Middle East and North Africa’s first and only event about Vocational education and Technical training for the oil and gas industry.

10th Annual Getenergy Global 2014, 2-4 June 2014, Business Design Centre London

From its launch in Houston a decade ago, Getenergy has brought more than 3,000 universities, training providers and oil and gas industry executives together from over 60 countries around the globe. The tenth anniversary show promises to convene a larger community than ever before, with a buzzing Learning Arena of112 exhibiting universities, colleges and private training providers, alongside Getenergy’s renowned interactive Power-Point-free speaker programme; focused on the education, training and workforce development needs of the global upstream business in 2014 and beyond.

Getenergy VTEC MENA 2013, 25-27 November 2013, Abu Dhabi Polytechnic, Abu Dhabi

As companies across the Middle East and North Africa find oil and gas, new technologies develop and additional nationalisation policies are introduced, the requirement for a local, highly skilled and safe vocationally trained workforce is essential.

Educational institutions and oil and gas companies must collaborate to meet the needs of this requirement for a rapid expansion of a national labour force to match industry growth. VTEC MENA 2013 is the forum to share, network, learn, and overcome these challenges.