SQA Expenditure 2014-15

SQA - Return for the accounting period 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015

The Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 came into effect on 1 October 2010. Sections 31 to 32 of the Act places duties on listed public bodies to provide and publish information on expenditure and certain other matters. The Act requires the SQA, along with other public bodies, to publish information on:

Expenditure in relation to:

Expenditure information, to be disclosed under the requirements of the PSRA 2010 Act, is provided for each of the categories noted below where relevant.

Public Relations

Includes marketing, advertising campaigns, media relations, design, external events, conferences and exhibitions, sponsorship, publications and media planning.

Public Relations
Core activity and other income generating activity 1,236,000
Programme grant activity 491,000
Total Spend 1,727,000

Overseas Travel

Includes the costs of overseas travel and all associated costs such as accommodation and incidental costs.

Overseas Travel
Core activity 77,000
Programme grant activity 8,000
Other Income generating activity 672,000
Total Spend 756,000

Hospitality and Entertainment

cludes the costs for any gifts, meals, parties, receptions, invitations or tickets to public, sporting, cultural or other events accorded by the SQA to its own members, employees or third parties, or whatever reason. The costs of reasonable travel, subsistence allowances and expenses necessarily incurred in relation to service as a member or employee are excluded.

Hospitality and Entertainment
Core activity 6,000
Programme grant activity 1,000
Other Income generating activity 6,000
Total Spend 13,000

External Consultancy

The Scottish Government defines "consultancy" as including a wide range of professional services such as management consultancy, IT consultancy, financial consultancy, construction or infrastructure related consultancy, research and evaluation and policy development. The expenditure contained in this section reflects this definition. The SQA mainly uses external consultancy, as defined, for services that support business improvement, such as the development of management, corporate and specific strategy, performance improvement, irregular specialist advice and guidance and business best practice and efficiency.

External Consultancy
Core activity 38,000
Programme grant activity 0
Other Income generating activity 102,000
Total Spend 140,000

Payments with a Value in Excess of £25,000

See separate schedule specifying the amount of each individual payment in excess of £25,000, the payee, the date paid, the subject matter and the activity category.

Payments with a Value in Excess of £25,000
Core activity 4,965,000
Programme grant activity 2,643,000
Other income generating activity 104,000
Combination 18,865,000
Total Spend 26,577,000

Remuneration in Excess of £150,000

Members or Employees who received remuneration in Excess of £150,000
No member or employee received this level of remuneration.

Sustainable Growth and Efficiency, Effectiveness & Economy

A statement for each of the above is provided in the SQA's annual report and accounts (1.02 MB).