SQA Ambassadors

What are the SQA Ambassador Awards?

The SQA Ambassador Awards celebrate and recognise outstanding SQA students who are inspirational, enthusiastic and outstanding learners - who also contribute to the life of their family, community and learning centre. Their commitment, academic achievements and passion for learning make them great ambassadors for all that an SQA qualification can enable you to achieve.

The Ambassador Award is open to all non UK learning centres and all qualification types.

Each SQA learning centre may nominate a total of 3 students per annum to receive this prestigious title.

Each Ambassador will receive:

Congratulations to the SQA Ambassadors.


Entry Guidelines

Please submit one application for each student you wish to become an SQA Ambassador.

Student identification and selection is entirely the decision of your learning centre.

SQA Ambassadors allows your learning centre to present the Ambassador awards, on behalf of SQA, at your own awards/graduation ceremony.

To nominate your student(s) simply:

  • Identify the winner(s)
  • Complete the online nomination form in the section below for each student.
  • Entries must be in English and a maximum of 300 words in length.
  • Supply a photograph of the nominated student.
  • Please indicate the date of any presentation or graduation event.
  • Please supply a photograph of the SQA Ambassador from your presentation ceremony.

The SQA learning centre should acknowledge SQA's sponsorship of the award in any publicity material for their ceremony. This acknowledgement should also be applied in any local publicity generated for the award.

SQA will supply our corporate logo for use on ceremony material upon request. For example, banners and programmes.

SQA reserves the right to use details of award winners in its publicity materials or for public relations purposes, including SQA's website.

Submissions will be accepted on an ongoing basis. No deadline is applicable.

General enquiries can be made by e-mail to marketing@sqa.org.uk

SQA Ambassadors Nomination Online Form

Tell us about your nominated student and why you believe they will be a good SQA Ambassador:

Do not exceed 300 words.

  • Tell us about their personality, manner and academic results.
  • Why would they be a good representative of an SQA course?
  • Tell us about their sense of purpose, energy and commitment to their learning.
  • What is their career path and how are their studies supporting their career aspirations?
  • How do they engage with other students and teachers?
  • What have they achieved while studying an SQA qualification at your centre?

The entry must be accompanied by a photograph of the nominated student.

Thank you for taking time to complete this form.

We will use the information provided for SQA Ambassador purposes only.

For more details about how SQA uses your personal information, please read our Privacy Statement.