Use of Reflective Accounts / Personal Statements

A number of centres have queried the use of Reflective Accounts / Personal Statements as evidence towards Performance Criteria (PC). While it can be argued that there are differences between the two, they are treated here as one and the same.

According to the Assessment Guidelines for SVQs in Management:

Candidates can produce personal statements that are written in the first person and describe their actions in completing a task. The candidate is expected to indicate the Outcomes of effective performance, behaviours (note 1) and knowledge and understanding which are demonstrated in the practice. The personal statement should always explicitly focus on the candidate's real work and not on what might be done.

The Assessment Guidelines also state that:

A Personal Statement may accompany the evidence for each Unit. The Evidence Requirements identify certain Outcomes where this is more likely to be of value. A Personal Statement is not real work evidence, but it can be useful in explaining and reflecting on behaviour in achieving certain Outcomes and why candidates behaved as they did, thus helping to link evidence of Outcomes to Behaviours (note 1) and Knowledge and Understanding.'

note 1: As outlined at SVQ Management event in May 2014, there is now no need to assess behaviours.