Subject Review Reports – your questions answered

Last month, SQA announced a three-year plan of action to alleviate workload concerns around assessment in National Qualifications. This follows the extensive research we carried out on assessment in National Courses; including a review of internal unit assessment and a series of fieldwork visits to over 40 schools.

We have collated the most common questions that we have received, and have produced a general question and answer document to provide additional clarification around the action plans being put in place. The Review Report General Questions and Answers document is available from and you can also access it from the Review Report tab of the NQ subject pages.

The Subject Review Reports detail the action plans we are putting in place for each subject – including some actions which have been prioritised for session 2016-17.

These actions will alleviate workload concerns arising from assessment, re-assessment and the recording of evidence while maintaining the standards and credibility of our qualifications. They include evidence-based adjustments and/or additional guidance and support.

The Subject Review Reports have been communicated to SQA Co-ordinators and teaching staff in schools and colleges, and were discussed at our recent SQA school Co-ordinator conferences. Our Liaison Team have also been speaking with teaching staff on their visits to centres.

Through these engagement activities, teachers have had the opportunity to ask us their questions about the Subject Review Reports and any areas that they would like further clarification on. 

Please note that any subject-specific enquiries we receive will be addressed through the Common Questions documents for each subject. Common Questions documents are updated on an ongoing basis and are available from the relevant subject pages of our website.